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The Travel Makeup Bag

The biggest reason the blog has been so quiet this summer, aside from the fact that it was 1.2 billion degrees out for most of July and August, is because I was never home. Just about every Friday for the last three months have involved me coming home from work, quickly packing, and hitting the road to whatever family thing/party/camping was planned. On the Fridays I wasn't going anywhere, it's because I was either already there or leaving on Saturday. While I've been very happy to have to much to do over the summer, I've been dragging the last couple of weeks because I just wanted to spend time at home, enjoying my town in the summer (when it's the nicest it will be all year). But all this travelling has allowed me to do something I'd fallen out of really good practice in building: the travel makeup bag.

I'm a planner. I do not like surprises. I will run through every possible thing that might happen to me during a trip, no matter how long or short, and the…

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