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Lou Lou's Scents, Scrubs and Soaps Review

From left to right: Lime Margarita, Egyptian Apples, Haley's Blend, Ashley's Blend, Chippy

I bought a set of five 5/8th drams, the sample size of Lou Lou's Scents, Scrubs and Soaps off of a lovely fellow redditor recently. While I confess I have not one sweet clue how much volume a "dram" is (and apparently not much interested in actually looking it up - okay, I want to say it's like 3.7ml, but maybe I just made that up. I'd also never heard the term "dram" as a mesurement until I delved into indie perfume. So...a 5/8th dram is 2.3ml. Thanks, calculator!), I can tell you they are larger than your standard 1ml vial. They also stand up by themselves, making storage much easier.

Size comparison (sort of), left to right: Alchimia Apothecary, Black Violet, Lou Lou's, Common Brimstone, Haus of Gloi

Because I didn't actually buy these from the storefront, I cannot comment on customer service/shipping/whatever. I will say that the shop does require non-USA customers to message regarding an order and a custom listing will be set up for you. slightly inconvenient and I'm lazy. But it doesn't deter me too badly, it just makes me slower about going to the shop and making an order. So when I saw these samples for sale on reddit, I thought I'd grab them.

All of these were test-driven without reading the scent notes until afterward.

Lime Margarita

Lime Margarita is a refreshing blend of limes, mandarin oranges, lemons, vanilla rum, sea salt, and musk. This blend contains lime and orange essential oils.

This one reminds me of lime Crush, which is superior to orange Crush and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. I mostly get lime from this. Delicious, delicious lime. I really like this one. I didn't know I needed a lime perfume in my life until now. Sadly, because of the citrus-y-ness of this, it's not super long-lived. Like three hours tops. I think I can live with that, though, because I really like this one. I'll see if I can make it last longer with the still-unused sample of Alchimia Apothecary's Sticker Sniffer I have.

Egyptian Apples

A delicious blend of red and green apples covered in honey, cocoa butter, and chocolate over a base of Egyptian musk.

In the vial, it reminded of something really sweet and really sweet apples. On my skin, I was better able to identify what I smelled: it smells like caramel apples. Now, I love apple scents, I'm obsessed with them, but the only exception to my love is caramel apples. I hate caramel apples in real life. Something about them is too sweet and turns my stomach a bit. So if you like caramel apples, you'll like this. I do not. I stuck it out, though - this lasted nearly six hours on my skin.

Haley's Blend

This scent was created for my friend and loyal customer Haley. She messaged me asking if I could make her a custom blend that included apples, leather, and tea with some vanilla or sugar added. She wanted the scent of an autumn evening in a cozy manor library.

In the vial this smelled sweet and spicy, with kind of a dark base. On my skin, it became apples and something...plastic? It smelled of apples and plastic for a while, and then tapered down to a sweet plastic scent. It lasted closer to eight hours on my skin. 

Ashley's Blend

Ashley's blend is a fruity blend of blood oranges, sweet oranges (sweet orange essential oil), strawberries, pineapple, green apples, and red apples with rhubarb, neroli, peach blossoms, and a touch of cotton candy and vanilla musk. The label art is a picture taken from her sales. It is a picture of her cute felt cupcake magnets. 

This one smells like candy! Sweet candy, though. Kind of like jellybeans. Like tropical fruit jellybeans. I like it, but I don't love it. On my skin it was a little too sweet for my tastes - I like candy, but I like my candy scents to be sour or have some kind of depth. It wasn't terribly long-lived, lasting about four hours on my skin. 


Strong Leather Softened With Notes Of Melon, Citrus, Coconut, Buttercream, Lavender, And Fig

Spoiler alert: I hated this one. In the vial it smelled very strongly of that plastic smell from Haley's Blend. Gamefully, I slapped it on. Ten minutes later, I tried to scrub it off. It would not go away. I ended up coating myself in One Hand Washes the Other's Indulgence Creme in Lucky to try and disguise it. It smelled like plastic on me. It was so synthetic and just...ugh. I compared the notes of Chippy with Haley's Blend and determined that I cannot stand or wear the leather note she uses. 

So, this was kind of disappointing. Two perfumes didn't work on me, one was well-done but a scent I can't stand, one was okay but not something I really like, and one I really, really liked. I'm not sure if I will put in an order with the shop directly (though I might because curiosity about some others I've heard mentioned), because let's face it, I have so much perfume I doubt I will finish the sample of Lime Margarita. But you never know. 

I do know I have to stay the hell away from her leather note now, which is good knowledge to have. So I'm glad I tried these anyway.

You can buy these scents at her Etsy shop.

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