Thursday, 24 July 2014

Quick and Dirty Dawn Eyes Swatches (and some other stuff)

Note: I am currently suffering from broken, crappy camera syndrome and so my pictures are not fabulous. Working on remedying this, but for now, these will have to do.

I had an excellent day. Instead of going to work (which I enjoy too, don't get me wrong), I went to the agricultural campus's Open House Day! The university I work at counts an agricultural campus among its four campuses, and every July, the agricultural campus holds a community open house and it is awesome. Tons of free food, plants, tours, games - and animals. The agricultural campus is home to a working farm, and this beautiful little girl was one of the many animals we got to see today.

She was  born July 21st. They're having a contest to name her, any name that starts with R. I entered Ren, and I better win.

So after all of this fun, I came home to an explosion of indie wonders in my mailbox, receiving orders from DarlingClandestine, HelloWaffle (these two I will review later), and Dawn Eyes Cosmetics.

CANDY. And some other stuff, I guess. 

Because the lovely /u/daisyismydog will not stop telling us at /r/indiemakeupandmore that we all need to try Dawn Eyes, I decided to break into them first. 

To put it bluntly, the Dawn Eyes website is like a blast from the '90s, with slightly fewer psychedelic colours. It is at home next to things like the Space Jam website, which is inexplicably still online. Daisy had already warned me, so I was prepared to delve through. And did I ever delve.

I finally decided to to get Secret Lagoon, Autumn Night, Black Hills Gold, Tequila Sunrise, and I requested a remake of a discontinued eyeshadow, Gold Gilded Blue. Dawn will make any discontinued colour for a $1 extra on her regular full size shadow price, which is $3USD.


Anyway, when I went to order, the cart informed me all of my choices were sold out. Dawn has been having some issues with her cart/online inventory, and I think I saw some talk on her Facebook page somewhere about a new site (maybe? Don't quote me on that), but you can e-mail her and ask her for an invoice, and she will happily oblige. For other international buyers, this may actually be a better course of action: her cart was charging me $10 shipping, while when I e-mailed her, she told me shipping would be $7.55. 

I e-mailed her originally on July 14, but I think it got caught in the spam folder, so I e-mailed again July 16th. She replied to me within a couple of hours, and I had paid the invoice by that afternoon. She didn't send a shipping e-mail, but I got my package today, and it was marked with a mail date of July 17th. That's some crazy TAT.

Onto the (specific to this post) goods!

The packaging it arrives in is simple, but nice. 

Nothing was moving in there.

Something I especially love is the little messages she writes on the shrink wrap of the jars.


In addition to the list above, Dawn sent me four samples of Kate's Colours: Kartini, Angry Newt, Tesla, and Stormy Haze. Kate's Colours is a project she started to raise money for her sister's hysterectomy. For $20, Dawn will create you your very own custom colour (and you get a ton of it: 1 10g jar, 2 5g jars, and 10 samples). $15 of this will go toward her sister. If you want a custom colour, get in touch!

I could tell just from looking at them that she had chose them to complement the shadows that I ordered, which is always a nice touch.

A kitchen table cellphone picture. I eventually realized that I should stop using my cellphone camera. But you get the idea.

Swatches are done over NARS Smudgeproof Primer. I wear Missha's Perfect Cover BB cream in #13, to give you some idea of my skin tone.

L-R: Kartini, Stormy Haze, Tesla, Angsty Newt

Dawn's shadows are gorgeous. They apply beautifully and have fantastic pigmentation. These pictures do not do them justice. Kartini is a beautiful pinky champagne, loaded with sparkles, Stormy Haze is a black with a dark brown overlay, Tesla is a bright teal leaning blue with loads of gold shimmer, and Angsty Newt is a matte green with a copper/gold/green metallic shift. I would probably buy all of these (at least Tesla) when she releases the Kate's Colours. They are fantastic.

L-R, both pictures: Autumn Night, Tequila Sunrise, Gold Gilded Blue, Secret Lagoon, Black Hills Gold, Sunkissed Cloud

Because these are on the website, I can give you the real descriptions (with the exception of Gold Gilded Blue, but that one is pretty simple):

Autumn Night: Dusty medium dark purple/blue/grey, naturally shimmers but no sparkle. 

Tequila Sunrise: Lush orange base with a strong pink overtone, especially over primer, glistening with tiny silver stars. No Mimosa ever compared to this sweet shade! 

Gold Gilded Blue: Pale blue with gold duochrome.

Secret Lagoon: Light, bright, sea foam green, highly pearly, almost metallic over primer. Strewn with tiny lights of violet, aqua, and blue; pale emerald waters of a still, sheltered cove. 

Black Hills Gold: Head on this is a beige, but tilt to a lovely olive green on one end of the spectrum and a more subtle pink on the other, lit with golden sparkle as well as a pink to gold to green color shifting sparkle! 

Sunkissed Cloud: Rich red base with beautiful aqua to purple to pink color shifting overlay, glittering with gold and purple sparkle! 

While the pictures on her site aren't great for figuring out the colours, the descriptions are spot-on.

I am a convert. These shadows are beautiful. I will definitely be buying again from Dawn.

You can purchase any of her shadows from her website here.

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