Sunday, 3 August 2014

A small Black Violet Review

One of my favourite places to receive an order from is Black Violet. The packaging (of which I didn't take a picture of this time, sorry) is luxurious and the products themselves always make me feel decadent.

I made an order from Black Violet during the perfume sale on the July 4th weekend. For international orders, Leilani requires you to use the contact form on the website, sending her a list of what you'd like to buy and your address. She will then e-mail you back with a shipping quote and ask you if you want her to set up an invoice. It's not a terribly long process - Leilani is very prompt, but having to go through this step keeps me from ordering as often as I might. Which is probably good for my wallet.

Anyway, this time I ordered the Superfruit Cream Cleanser (to be reviewed at a later date) and three solid perfumes: Momotaro, Luau Lounge, and Camellia. I also received Valley of the Temples as my free sample. My invoice was finalized and paid on July 7th, and it shipped on July 21st. Her TAT is ten business days, and while I have had packages from her ship sooner, I imagine she was busier because of the sale. It arrived on July 28th, excellent time from USPS/Canada Post.

The goods. Featuring a guest appearance by my hoard of tinted lip balms.

I tend to gravitate toward solid perfumes because I like the portability, though I may pick up an oil version of a solid I have, if I really love it. Black Violet's solid formula is creamy and melts easily on the skin, but is also robust enough to last through the gross summer heat and my twelve thousand degree apartment. The wear time on all of these is about three hours for me.


Floating down a stream was a ripe little peachling. When opened to eat, the couple was surprised to discover a little boy sweetly named Momotaro- which translates to peach and eldest son.

I actually read the story of Momotaro a long time ago - we found an English translation at a used bookstore. It was one of my favourite stories for a long time. Anyway, this is a delightful peach scent, with just a little bit of green in the background. If you're looking for a realistic peach scent, this is it. Unfortunately, just after I placed my order for this, Leilani announced Momotaro was being discontinued. But! At the time of writing this, you could still get it in the shop, just not as a sample. If you think this sounds like something you want, go get it as fast as you can.

Luau Lounge

Bowls of passion fruit and tangerines blended in tropical drinks with hand strung pikake leis to greet the wahines.

I got a sample of Lilikoi in my last order from Black Violet. I liked it, because it was such a nice tropical fruit scent, but it was too sharp for my tastes. I'd heard Luau Lounge was a gentler type of tropical fruit, and I am pleased to say that is true. It's sweet and fruity but not overbearing. Perfect for summer.


Freshly steeped green tea leaves cooled with crisp cucumbers.

This reminded me of both laundry (fresh, clean) and a refreshing summer drink, like cucumber water, which my SO and I have been enjoying as of late. It's similar to Alchimia Apothecary's Geisha, though it doesn't have the same crispness. This is probably my least favourite of the three - I like it, but I don't love it, and I already have something similar. This does have better throw than my solid of Geisha, though. I will probably try and layer it with Geisha and see what happens.

Valley of the Temple

Nestled among lush gardens, a reflecting pond with Japanese koi swimming under a wooden bridge is a hidden gem of tranquility. Resinous amber, Asian oud wood, calming cedarwood, exotic ambrette seed, fresh rosemary, dark olibanum, patchouli, black musk, orchid and jasmine petals.

My free oil sample. I tried this one on before reading the notes. It smelled like a really fancy perfume, all musky and sweet. This would not be out of place at a Sephora counter. Because I tend to shy away from that kind of thing, I didn't like it. It wasn't very me at all. It had great staying power though - it got to eight hours still strong before I scrubbed it off.

You can buy from Black Violet here. She mentioned on her Facebook page that she will be closing the shop soon for a brief hiatus, so keep an eye out for that.

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