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Alchimia Apothecary: Carnivals and Mind Reading

In a valiant attempt to clear out some of the backlog of stuff I have to review before other things arrive, my vacation at the end of August, the beginning of school and the fact I will be at school or working seven days a week every other week come September (I'm being melodramatic, I'm working every other weekend, three hours each afternoon. It's not that bad), I'm probably going to spend my long weekend swatching, testing, taking photos, and drinking wine on my patio. The last one not really having much to do with reviews, but necessary nonetheless.

I made an order from Alchimia Apothecary at the beginning of July in order to pick up a backup tin of my favourite nighttime moisturizer and to grab a full size bottle of Thunderstorm (you can read my slightly rambly review of that here). I also picked up a sample of Picnic, after being reminded that I wanted to try it out, and a full size bottle of a new scent called Apothecarny, released in celebration of the shop's first craft show/fair. I got these over the July 4th sale, and they were shipped out under the TAT and arrived in pretty standard time.

When they arrived, I noticed there were two extra sample vials in my package: Erin had put in Tsunami and a sample of a yet-to-be-released cologne. It says Blackwell's Elixir.

I'm so happy that Erin slipped in a sample of Tsunami. Christine of HelloWaffle Cosmetics has been telling me, literally for months, whenever aquatic scents come up in /r/indiemakeupandmore, that I need to try out Tsunami. And every single time, I say that I will definitely try it and then forget. Erin has broken the cycle!

L-R: Apothecarny, Thunderstorm (the idiot who smudged the label with her greasy hands was all me), Picnic, Tsunami, Blackwell's Elixir


Hints of carnival food waft in the breeze. The fair has come, the fun as been had, and is starting to get packed up and gone until it rolls back in again next summer. You can smell the lingering funnel cakes and popcorn, cotton candy and corndogs as the sweaty carnies tear down the rides. You can almost smell the metal scraping together as the parts unhinge and get hauled away, leaving behind nothing but a field of weeds and carnival litter.

In the bottle, I get a whiff of something sweet and cakey, and then something cold and metallic. On my skin, it's sweet and cakey (I'm guessing funnel cake) and a bit salty (popcorn?) with a dark cool base of metal. I'm glad I don't get any cotton candy in this, because cotton candy is the worst kind of fair food. About two hours in, the cake fades and it becomes a salty metal and then just metal three hours in. It lasted about four hours on me (this humidity, again; I tested this a few times but I can't seem to get an accurate read on longevity on me these days). I don't know if I like it, but it is certainly interesting. 


On a lighter summer note, this scent blends together wonderful watery cucumbers, green tea, violet leaves, clovers, dandelions, and sunflowers. If you closed your could almost picture yourself sitting on the blanket itself.

This was recommended to me by shanmac13. It's nice and cool and refreshing - perfect for summer. It was just a little bit too powdery on me for my tastes - perhaps the violet leaves? Violet and I are not really friends. It lasted seven-ish hours on my skin. It is a good, strong fragrance, I experienced very little fade until the very end. It reminds me of what I think swimming underwater would smell like, all cool and rejuvenating. 


Seaweed and driftwood filled ocean water crash to the earth and swell with sea salt filled air and a touch of rice flowers.

This is Tugboat's wilder, rougher sister. I bet they would layer really well together. I'm trying to resist the urge to buy a full-size of Tsunami right now, but eventually I will grab one. This is ocean on a windy day, with some white caps on the waves. It's very potent and has great throw, and great staying power, lasting ten hours.

Blackwell's Elixir

Since this isn't listed, I don't know what's in it. I'll give it my best shot.

It smells very woodsy in the vial. Something water in there? Some musk? This is definitely a masculine scent. It sweetened the tiniest bit on my skin, but since I don't love masculine scents, I didn't really like it that much on me. That said, I bet it would smell great on my SO. And since he recently expressed an interest in trying out some new colognes (doesn't he know how dangerous that is to tell me?), I'm going to see if he's willing to try it out. I ended up washing it off, but it needed some prior encouragement from washing dishes.

Tsunami is definitely my favourite of this set. Apothecarny is interesting enough for me to want to wear it and figure it out. Poor Picnic, though, just too powdery.

You can find Alchimia Apothecary here.

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