Saturday, 2 August 2014

HelloWaffle swatches + FoTD

In my weekend of blogging, I decided to tackle some swatches of stuff that I got in last week. Today: HelloWaffle!

Look! Hello Kitty tape on my package!

I must confess I have a soft spot for HelloWaffle. Not because Christine makes great products, or because she give amazing customer service, or because she's super nice, or even because she's a genuine lover of indies (although these are all things that make me love her and want to continue to support her), but because she is a Canadian-based indie and it means I get my packages from her in 2-3 days. 

I ordered during the Canada Day sale, right on July 1st, because supporting a Canadian small business filled me with patriotic pride and also felt like the right thing to, and also because I was coming off of a no-buy at the time. Christine extended her TAT for this sale to 15 business days. My order shipped July 21st and I got it July 24th (is this the kind of gratification you Americans get? It's pretty sweet. I'm envious).

I ordered one of the last lip balms in Polyp (Christine has discontinued these while she works on the formula), two full-sized blushes in June Bug and Moon Princess, and three full-sized eyeshadows in Pachelbel, Whale Hello There, and Ethereal Voice (which I believe used to be known as Floating Lanterns). I also spent enough to pick one of the GWP eyeshadows. I asked for Archean Earth.

And here's where Christine's absolute wonderfulness comes in: the week of the sale, someone posted swatches of some HelloWaffle shadows, including a past CoTM called Rose Champagne. I had looked for this on the website during the sale, but Christine had taken it down. Anyway, I made a comment to that effect. 

Christine saw that comment, and sent me a full-sized pot of Rose Champagne along with my order. 

I love Christine.

But you didn't come here to listen to that.

The goods, just after I opened the package. I was basking in the joy of Rose Champagne.

For those who aren't familiar with Christine's eyeshadows, they are loose powder and buttery smooth, as well as highly pigmented. Very lovely, easy to work with shadows. She also makes a ton of killer purples!

Because the shop is closed right now, I had to refer to my notes on the shadows in my makeup spreadsheet. I think I pulled them directly from the website, as I recall, but it's possible I made them up too.

Whale Hello There: Pale shimmery lilac, leans blue.

Ethereal Voice: Warm purple with noticeable golden shimmer. 

Pachelbel: Sparkly white-gold. 

Archean Earth: Ocean green with intense gold shift and green sparkles.  

Rose Champagne: I'd say the name is pretty self explanatory. I know I couldn't get the shop description for this one.

Swatches were done over NARS Smudgeproof Eye Primer. I am not MAC matched (being pretty sure I'm too light for their range), but I wear Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13, for reference.

Both photos, L-R: Whale Hello There, Ethereal Voice, Pachelbel, Archean Earth, Rose Champagne

My camera did a halfway decent job capturing these, considering it kept shutting off while I was trying to take photos.

With a white balance (and sadly, the light moved):

L-R: Whale Hello There, Ethereal Voice, Pachelbel, Archean Earth, Rose Champagne

I'm super pleased with all of these shadows - they are gorgeous. 

While I already had a number of HelloWaffle shadows and lip balms, so their formulas are familiar to me, this was my first time using her blush formula. I found it to be easy to work with, easy to blend, and I appreciate the jar size being wide enough to actually get my blush brush in there.

Moon Princess: Light pink-purple with the subtlest blue glow. This one was the more pigmented of the two, and I found I had to be careful with how much was on my brush in order to avoid looking like a clown. Since I usually have to be very careful with the highly pigmented style of blush in the indie world, it's not a huge deal. And it's not as nearly pigmented as some of my blushes from other brands, so I don't have to exercise a very high level of caution.

June Bug: Warm orange-coral with the subtlest amount of blue/green glow. I would say the shimmer is more opalescent that having any defined colours. This gives me the most wonderful glow. It's quite sheer, so those with darker skintones may not be able to use it.

Some arm swatches. June Bug was very hard to swatch so that it could be seen at all. L-R: Jun Bug blended out, June Bug built up, Moon Princess blended out, Moon Princess built up, Polyp tinted balm

As previously mentioned, Christine discontinued her tinted balms to work due to formula issues. She put the remaining ones she had on sale during the Canada Day sale, and I grabbed Polyp. It's a lovely pink coral colour, with a minty scent. I find the balms to be a bit drying, so I usually wear a clear balm underneath. They are highly pigmented, and I find them similar to Shiro's now-discontinued Intertubes. 

While some of my other HelloWaffle balms are gritty, I found Polyp to be quite smooth.

I also did some a lip swatch of it. It's a little pinker in real life.

Bare lips.

One coat of Polyp.

It's definitely a lot pinker in real life.

I also did a look (which you can see most of in my lip swatches...ooops) with some of my new shadows.

Oh, hello, contact. You are very noticeable.

I see some escaping glitter...ack. Let this be a lesson: use Pixie Epoxy.

  • NARS Smudgeproof Eye Primer
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Riot
  • HelloWaffle Whale Hello There (lid)
  • Shiro Chinchillin (outer third of lid)
  • HelloWaffle Chopin (outer v and crease)
  • HelloWaffle Pachelbel (inner corner)
  • Maybelline Mega Plush Velvets Mascara in Purple Velvet
  • Little Sparrow Cream Highlighter in Honey Cream (browbone)
  • Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara (brows)
  • Fyrinnae Powder Primer
  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13
  • NARS Concealer stick in Chantilly
  • Shiro Fatality Finishing Powder
  • HelloWaffle Moon Princess blush
  • Epically Epic tinted balm in Jasmine Tea

You can find HelloWaffle here. Right now she is closed while moving, but you can check out her Facebook for updates on when she will reopen.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I haven't tried Hello Waffle yet. I really need to get on that!


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