Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mini Arcana Review

This will be a very small review of two Arcana scents, Pink Saltwater Taffy and Miss Skiffins. I got them in a package from Amanda of More Tea, Wesley? which I talked more about here.

These were the very first Arcana perfumes I've tried (definitely not the last!). I've been waffling over the selection on Pretty Indulgent for a while since she ships out of Montreal AND free domestic shipping over $75CAD, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Arcana is sold mainly via third parties, though you can contact the owner, Julie, and buy directly from her.

You can't see it here, but Pink Saltwater Taffy is actually a beautiful pinky oil.

Scents were tested without reading the notes. 

Pink Saltwater Taffy

A candy pink blend of cherry, sugarberry, black and gold raspberry, vanilla fondant, white sugar, and grounding touch of patchouli.

This is from the LE Coasts of Cascadia collection. In the vial, this smells pink and almost cough syrupy. On my skin, it's just pink. Solidly pink smelling for the first few minutes, and then it became slightly less pink (but not much), with cherries, a bit of salt and vanilla softening it. I love this! It's so delightfully pink and sweet without being obnoxious. It's candy without being too candy. I really like saltwater taffy in reality, so I'm glad I like this interpretation. Definitely getting a bottle of this. It has amazing throw and great staying power - it stayed strong most of the day, only vanishing about twelve hours after I put it on. 

Miss Skiffins

A felicitous and seemly blend of blueberries, blackberries, vanilla, sweet mallow, clean musk, sweet pea blossoms, and a small chunk of honeycomb.

This is part of a set based on Charles Dickens's Great Expectations (a novel which I have failed to read. Quite frankly, I don't like Dickens. My brother read Great Expectations when he was in grade 11 and assured me I wasn't missing anything). In the vial it smells like berries and vanilla frosting. On my skin, it reminds me of cotton candy and Solstice Scents' Pink Sugar, which is a scent I never liked. Miss Skiffins doesn't go as awful as Pink Sugar did on me, but it's cloyingly sweet. Do not like. It also had the great throw and longevity that Pink Saltwater Taffy had, but it was lost on me. Looking at the notes, I feel like I should like it (except maybe the honey), but I don't. 

These are incredibly well-blended scents. I want to dive into Arcana's catalogue right away, but I'm going to try and hold off. I need Pink Saltwater Taffy, though.

You can find where to buy Arcana here. I am delighted to see that there is a store in my province that sells Arcana (though a good six hour drive from here).

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