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Purplecat Creatives Review (or Why I'm Obsessed With Beachcombing)

Hello, my ducks. I have been very quiet this week, testing things out and also suffering through a presentation I had to give to a bunch of the librarians, and the university librarian, and my professors, and random people I don't know, and one of the AVP Academics, and my fellow interns. It was very stressful and I'm glad it's over. And hey, I made everyone laugh a couple of times. 

So, recently, while I was not so patiently waiting for the Solstice Scents summer release, I decided to stop by Purplecat and pick up some of their whipped soap in Bubblecake. I reviewed Bubblecake in body butter form here, and I'm still using my tiny sample jar (there's a lot in there!) but I wanted something else in Bubblecake. Hence the whipped soap idea: I want to smell Bubblecake, but I don't think I'd like it as a perfume. I also decided to poke around in the catalogue some more and picked up a three-pack of solid perfumes in two summer scents, Mudslide and Beach Glass, and one GC scent, Twilight Gypsy. I also received two sample body butters in Mudslide and Keylime Pie.


Soft sweet vanilla shortbread touched with the bubbly scent of lemon lime pop. Bubblecake!!!

This was my first whipped soap. And I'm pleased to say that it managed to arrive intact, from Kentucky to Nova Scotia. No signs of melting. The soap whips come in 4oz low profile jars. It's very dense, but fluffy, and it melts like cream on the skin. I've used it a few times now, and while the scent lingers a bit after the shower, it doesn't hang around too long. By the time I'm ready to moisturize (~ 5 minutes after getting out), it's faded and won't mix weirdly with my body lotion. I like how my skin feels after using it, nice and soft and hydrated. The soap whip form of Bubblecake smells identical to the body butter.

My only gripe is that the label is not water-resistant at all, just paper, and it will disintegrate in my hands at some point in the near future.

Look at the fluffy Bubblecake soap whip. I've already dipped into this several times, as you can see.

I already talked about the solid perfumes in the link above, but to recap, they're 0.25 ounces in a small tin. They're half the size of the regular Darling Clandestine ones.

Beach Glass

Graceful notes of blooming vanilla flowers touched with a hint of champagne and burnt caramel, balanced with a hint of vetiver.

Story time! I love beachcombing. And looking for sea glass is usually my prime objective, even though at 22, I will still bring home anything I find interesting. I wear a necklace with a piece of blue seaglass as the pendant as my daily tie to this love of sunny afternoons spent with my cousins and brothers on the shore near the family cottage. Those are some of my happiest childhood memories. Anyway, when I saw that Arcana had a perfume this summer called Sea Glass, I toyed with the idea of getting it, even though I had many misgivings about the notes. So when I saw Beach Glass in the Purplecat shop, I thought this would be a better substitute, as the notes are a little more to my taste.

It smells sweet and fresh in the tin, with only a bit of salt. On my skin it was an airy freshness, salty and sweet, like climbing down to the rock shore through a grassy path. I like it, it's captured that feeling I wanted (it has the saltiness of sea glass in the scent), but it has no staying power on me. It was was gone in about two hours. I can't blame the humidity any more, as we've rather abruptly switched to unseasonably cool weather for August (not that I mind!) this week. So lovely scent, exactly what I was looking for, but a few struggles in the lasting department.

Casually sifting through rocks.


Rich milk chocolate blended with the aroma of sweet blueberries and dark brown sugar.
I'm going to combine my review for the body butter and the solid perfume here, since they're the same scent and it'll be easier to compare. 

Why do I keep doing this? I have already firmly established that I like the idea of chocolate perfumes much more than the actual execution. I know that, and yet I keep doing things like this. Mudslide is actually very nice, with a rich chocolatey base and sweet, incredibly ripe blueberries. Two of my favourite things to eat. The solid has a stronger berry note than the body butter, which is more chocolate and brown sugar. Both forms feel very decadent on - the perfume has great sillage and stuck around for six hours, which is great for a solid, and the body butter forumla is very thick and rich. Mudslide is well suited to body butter, and I think I like that form a bit better, though the perfume is nice too. Not my favourite, but I will wear it happily.

And feel the urge to buy blueberries and chocolate mousse every time I use either. Fortunately it's blueberry season right now.

Twilight Gypsy

Rustic vanilla bean mingled with aromatic campfire for an exotic dance around a twilight bonfire. 

Did you really want to like Darling Clandestine's Carny Wedding, or maybe Solstice Scents' Smoky Mountain Mallow, but found the smoke a little too much in both? Well, this is your answer! Twilight Gypsy has a sweeter, softer smoke note. It's a vanilla smoke, no surprises here. It lasted at least four hours on my sin, and made it through a dishwashing, so it has some power. It's simple and nice.

Keylime Pie

Tart, creamy and delicious key lime pie. Graham cracker crust, tart lime filling and vanilla cream topping. My favorite dessert of summer.

This is a really great scent. It's got the tartness of kiwi, with a buttery crust and sweet vanilla. It's so foodie - if you love keylime pie, get this. I was surprised at how much I liked this scent. I really like the body butter formula, and I'm tempted to get a full size jar of this (but I'll resist since I have an absurd amount of lotion, anyway). Definitely a great scent. 

Baby body butters.

If any of these interest you, you can buy them at the Purplecat Creatives Etsy shop.

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