Friday, 8 August 2014

Shiro Strawberry Malt Custom Lip Gloss

Almost two months ago, there was this post talking about different colours to get duped with Shiro Cosmetics' custom lip gloss colour duping service. It triggered in my mind the absolute lust I had for the MAC Strawberry Malt lip glass that came out in the Archie Girls collection in the beginning of 2013.

Rewinding to that time, I lived in a very tiny university town about three hours northwest of where I live now - and that means I was three hours away from the only MAC (and Sephora) in the province. By the time I got to the city (during my university's three week faculty strike. Oh the fun that was had), the Archie Girls collection had been swiped up by more geographically fortunate people. I mourned the loss, and eventually stopped thinking about it.

But! The idea was replanted in late June of this year, and Shiro had formalized the custom colour duping process on their new website in April, and I had been wanting to get something duped but wasn't sure what until then. So in mid July, I ordered a moderate custom colour match lip gloss, flavoured with cherry pie, in MAC Strawberry Malt. 

The gloss leaked a little in transit (but somehow did not get on anything else in the package) despite the shrinkwrap put on it. I'm guessing that lip glosses don't like the summer heat. Me too, lip gloss. Me too.

Anyway, I hardly lost any once I cleaned the tube all up and let the gloss settle in the tube properly.

Tube. It looks so lovely, doesn't it? All pink and awesome.

This photo may look a little dark, but I swear it is showing this colour truthfully. I wear Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13, for reference.

I'm so pleased with this gloss. It looks great, it applies beautifully, and the colour looks like all the pictures I've ever seen of Strawberry Malt. It's pretty pigmented and opaque even with the moderate choice. I haven't tried to build it up very much, but because this is a dye-based lip gloss, I feel like it would do very well. It also sheers out and blots down beautifully.

Bare lips, natural light.

One swipe of gloss. I love how pink this is. It's a lot of fun.

It has pretty average wear time for a gloss, and putting up with my constant need to drink water (about two hours, if I'm careful). I wore it to work yesterday, and after five hours of talking, licking my lips, drinking two or three litres of water, eating snack at break, and eating lunch, the gloss was long gone, but there was a definite pink stain left behind. And it stained really evenly and looked awesome. I snapped a shot of what my lip looked like after I wiped it off, and the stain after wearing normally is about the same.

Stain city.

This was the first time I got a colour duped rather than get a shadow blended into a gloss, and I'm so happy with it. Caitlin is a wizard. It's also a great service for a great price. For $12USD, I got a custom colour, a moderate opacity, my chosen scent, and 15ml of gloss. This is a steal. Go create something if you're looking for a specific colour. I didn't e-mail Caitlin about this one, since I figured it was pretty straight-forward, but I have heard other people have conferred with Caitlin and she's been super helpful. 

You can find Shiro and their magic abilities here.


  1. The color is beautiful! I just ordered a custom lip gloss from Shiro. It's at the post office waiting to be delivered. It's taking all of my self restraint to not sit in the mailbox.

    1. I know that feeling - I live right next to the sort facility/post office for my area, and I have to wait for them to walk it over to me. Getting packages can be excruciating sometimes!


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