Sunday, 28 September 2014

Arcana Reviews: The Cheesecake Edition

Recently I had a sudden craving for all that is cheesecake - including cheesecake perfumes. So I turned to the always trusty /r/indiemakeupandmore to give me some recommendations for cheesecake scents, and they delivered. Did they ever.

Of the lengthy list, I amassed, there were a number of cheesecake perfumes from Arcana. I have been dying to look through more Arcana, and this was the perfect excuse. Based on availability/shipping, I ended up getting Philtre #4: Consumed, and Laughter, from Professor T.S. Goodfellow's Winter Correctives, which is a set of four cheesecake perfumes. 

I also took advantage of this opportunity to buy from Pretty Indulgent. Arcana doesn't have an online storefront, and instead is sold by other vendors, one of them being this Montreal-based retailer. For a Nova Scotian like me, this was preferable. Shipping was a little higher (because Canada Post), but I got it in a matter of a few days, rather than waiting and waiting and waiting as I do with my American packages. I also picked up a bar of Arcana's Bean Sidhe soap (still unused - we try to keep to one soap at a time here and Paintbox's Pink Sand is still holding on) and was also sent a free bottle of OPI polish in Navy Shatter. So that's cool! OPI is expensive here.

Philtre #4: Consumed

In its wake, this potion is said to leave a trail of ravenous longing and insatiable lust. Three gingers--fresh ginger, ginger extract, and gingerbread--are blended with a cheesecake accord, French cognac, butter co2 extract, caramel, black pepper, sugared milk, copaiba balsam, a pinch of ho wood, and a shameless slap of cassia.

This smells exactly like cheesecake and warm gingerbread, with whipped cream. Oh my goodness, it is sinful. I considered licking my wrist but thankfully avoided. This has amazing staying power - I got 12 hours, easy out of this, and it probably would have been longer if I hadn't done the dishes and then showered. It also has great sillage. People around me were not impressed with the fact that I didn't really bring dessert. It was pretty solidly gingerbread and cheesecake all day, though the creamy notes got a little stronger in the evening. Amazing. 


Giggly raspberry with sparks of pink and black pepper, and what Goodfellow himself described as "a gay tangle of euphoric herbs" which combine to bear a strange olfactory resemblance to rich cheesecake.

I'm sad to say that this one was kind of a let down after the amazingness that was Philtre #4 - not that Laughter is bad, I just didn't get the rich cheesecake for which I was looking. This is a peppered berry scent, with a dash of herby goodness in the background. It's kind of dark and mysterious, while still having a lighthearted berry front. This one wears much closer to the skin, and lasted only eight hours (only? Ha!). 

You can check out Pretty Indulgent's stock here.

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