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Blooddrop Skincare: L'Eau Douce and the upcoming face masks

In a recent Blooddrop order I made to pick up some full sizes of some decants that I was sent, I also got a couple of non-perfume free samples. When I ordered, Astrid was running a promo that involved getting a sample of of her L'Eau Douce herbal and floral facial mist and a sample of one of the new masks she's creating. I got both in my order. There were a few masks going out and I got No. 1, which is a cucumber mask. Astrid mentioned on her Facebook page that this one was suitable for normal to combination skin, and was good for cleansing.

Any label sloppiness is allll me.

I have combination skin. My skin is also slightly dehydrated, and I'm prone to redness, since any little mark is very stark on my very pale skin. 

Cucumber Mask

White kaolin clay, aloe vera, cucumber, mallow, white tea extract, camelina

The cucumber mask is really nice. It comes already mixed, and so you can just put it on without any fuss. Because of this, I've found myself reaching for it more than my beloved seaweed mask from Alchimia Apothecary, though I acknowledge that this is in part because I was bouncing from location to location recently, and having to mix up a mask in that environment was inconvenient. 

It's a pretty gentle mask. It smells very strongly of cucumbers, and so it tricked my mind into thinking it was cooling. It has also been a godsend through a ridiculous breakout I was having. I've been using it as a spot treatment as well as a mask, and it's been soothing and healing on some angry spots. 

I don't find my skin to be as glowy or smooth after using the mask as I do when using my seaweed mask, but the cucumber mask leaves my skin softer and more hydrated. 

Plus the sample size is incredibly generous.

Size comparison with a half-ounce tin of perfume from Darling Clandestine.

My only concerns (and I have e-mailed to ask Astrid about these things) are regarding storage and shelf life. I've been keeping the mask in my basket of skincare stuff, but as I live in a non-air-conditioned apartment, it's been warm in here, and so my mask separated a bit. I stirred it back up. It doesn't seem to have affected the mask's function, but I am curious to see if storing it in the fridge would be a better idea. I also want to know how long I have to use this up!

L'Eau Douce

Eau Douce (translation: soft water) is a floral and herbal facial mist. It contains a natural and beneficial blend of organic hydrosols aimed to refresh, sooth, heal and pamper your skin! Eau Douce is a blend of rose, calendula, chamomile and rose geranium hydrosols. It has been tested on a variety of skin types with lovely results. Psoriasis and rosacea test bunnies reported quieter skin. Also, wonderful for soothing break-out prone skin and preempting further breakouts. Equally suited for a simple refreshing treat to the face on hot days or during travel where the skin tends to dehydrate. 

Because this product does not contain any preservatives (which is a good thing), the suggested shelf life for Eau Douce is approximately 12 months from date of purchase. Keeping it in the refrigerator will help prolong the life and add a zing when using it! Eau Douce has a light, natural herbal scent that passes when the spray has dried. Eau Douce is available in an amber 4oz. bottle with a fine mist spray cap.

This is a vegan product and cruelty-free.

Eau Douce Ingredients: Rosa damascena (rose) hydrosol,  Pelargonium graveolens (rose geranium) hydrosol., Matricaria recutita (chamomile) hydrosol, Calendula officinalis (calendula) hydrosol.

The above is taken from the product page on the Blooddrop website.

My sample size, as you can see, is also very generous: it looks to be about 15ml in a tall spray bottle. As you can also see, the label on the sample is just paper and it met with an untimely bit of water in my bag while on vacation. I've used it about a dozen times so far, and I still have much to go - I honestly don't think I could use up a full size in a year. I've had my Haus of Gloi refresher since June for example, and despite frequently dousing myself and my furniture in it, I'm like one-sixth through the bottle. Since I'm not one to really use a facial mist, I don't think I will ever pick up the full size, but I am enjoying the use of the sample size.

It smells pleasantly herbal. The scent lingers for about ten minutes before dissipating completely. I've been using mostly as a refresher, spritzing it on my face before bedtime and on my arms and legs when I feel like I should through the day. It's very cooling and refreshing. If you are looking for a facial mist, I'd say go for this one. Though, again, not really my kind of product. But I appreciate it, if that makes sense.

Size comparison with a 10ml bottle of perfume.

While the masks are not up yet, you can get L'Eau Douce and all of Astrid's other goods at her website. If you're international, like me, please, please e-mail Astrid before trying to order anything - if you talk to her directly and get her to invoice you, you get far more reasonable shipping rates to international destinations.

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