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Darling Girl Cosmetics: An Introduction

Darling Girl is one of those companies, that for whatever reason, I just hadn't gotten around to ordering from for a long time. I always liked what I saw in swatch posts, and I loved the fact that she offers some cool primers and sticky bases, but it took me months to get around to ordering. 

I ordered from Darling Girl in July. What finally spurred me to order is a mini of DG's Blush You in Neon Trees. I got it from /u/MAKEUP5EVER in one of the monthly exchanges on /r/indiemakeupandmore. And I love it! It's the perfect blush colour for me. I used it a lot and all the time, so when I was starting to get to the end of it (or at least made a big enough dent to make me think I was going to run out any second), I bit the bullet and made an order.

DG has a pretty long TAT right now (and then). It was listed as 18-20 business days when I ordered, but my order shipped out in ~11 business days, which was a nice surprise. Shipping time from there was pretty much average.

The goods!

I ordered the Superstar Serum (which, while pictured here, I'm still playing around with it. But let's just say it's awesome and Shiro's You Snow Nothing is now my favourite liner!), eyeshadows in Brocade, Jewelled Taupe, and Sakura Season, and three blushes in three different formulations: Blush You in Neon Trees, Soft Focus Blush in Don't Eat the Apple, and Inner Glow Blush in Fuji. I also got a GWP shadow in Twisted Olive.

Swatches are done on NARS Smudgeproof Primer and skin that perfectly matches Missha's Perfect Cover BB cream in #13.


L-R: Twisted Olive, Sakura Season, Brocade, Jewelled Taupe

L-R: Twisted Olive, Sakura Season, Brocade, Jewelled Taupe

Twisted Olive: (couldn't find an official description for this) An olive/khaki green with a subtle purple/pink shift.

The purple shift is super hard to photograph. It's a nice colour, but not quite my style. 

Sakura Season: Sidewalk grey with pink sheen and pink sparkles, inspired by customer Megan K and a customer favorite! .

This was a GWP sometime in the spring and was super popular. It's really, really pretty so I can see why. It's very glittery and the pink gives it an ethereal quality. My favourite of the bunch.

Brocade: Violet base with strong metallic gold overlay.  This is a shade you will want to pat on rather than swipe on to get a nice even finish. 

I have an obsession with gold-toned purples. So, naturally I wanted this. It's a lovely, plummy purple with a gold shift. I like it a lot.

Jewelled Taupe: Jeweled Taupe is an amazing, metallic, bronzey taupe with multi-colored shimmer like tiny little jewels ribboned through it. 

Another super sparkly one. Jewelled Taupe is often suggested when people are looking for nice neutrals and I love it. It's something I can see myself wearing often.

I really like the colours I got, though I find DG's shadow formula to be chalkier than some of my other favourites. 


Swatches were patted on to reflect colour and then blended out.

L-R: Neon Trees, Don't Eat the Apple, Fuji

While I did get three different blush formulations, common to all of them is the fact they blend beautifully. I have a major problem with many of my indie blushes being so pigmented that putting them on is a delicate operation, especially for someone as pale as I am. These do not suffer from that problem. Even Don't Eat the Apple, which is the most pigmented of the bunch, is easy to apply and blend without the same amount of strenuous care that some of my other blushes require.

Soft Focus Blush Fuji: Light peachy pink, nearly matte.  It's a great shade for the fairer ladies as well as a pretty eye shadow. 

This is a gorgeous blush. It's soft and pink and easy to blend and super natural on my skin. It's a perfect no makeup blush for me. I also feel more glowy when I wear it. It's incredibly flattering.

Inner Glow Blush Don't Eat the Apple: Candy apple red with blue sheen.  Makes a stunning eye shadow too! 

I don't get the blue sheen at all, but this is a beautiful red blush. I find that I'm always drawn to red blushes, even though my skintone is rather vampiresque. This is a fantastic red blush. The blendability is marvellous. Here I applied and blended it a little heavier than I would normally wear, but I find that the few times I have been liberal with my application, it looks really nice. This one is more buildable than the other two.

Blush You Neon Trees: Bright pinky/orange/coral with a sweet pink undertones. Finish: In between satin and pearl. 

I feel like this blush was made for me. It is perfect. I love peachy pink blushes to the moon and back. Obviously, since I bought a full size after I actually finished a petit of it, it must be wonderful. It is. 

Overall, I'm pleased with my Darling Girl order. I think the blushes are the standout of the products. Superstar Serum is fun and a great value product - I see myself getting a lot of mileage with it. The eyeshadows were pretty, but I have other formulas that I like better, so unless there's a strikingly unique colour that I must have (and DG has a pretty extensive colour list, so there probably is), I will probably focus on getting my hands on more blushes. I'd also like to try out her primers at some point.

You can get these and much more at the Darling Girl website here.

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