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Possets: Round 2 (GC samples)

Part 2 of my giant Possets review! I was set back a little due to a horrendous cold that messed with my nose and skin chemistry and all kinds of craziness. But I've plowed through some more, and here's part 2!

(You can check out Part 1 too.)

The goods. 

You'll notice the labels look like hell. Some of the vials are super duper leaky.:/ I have since wrapped them all up in Teflon tape while I decide if I'm going to keep them or not.

These sample tests were done blind, looking at the scent notes only after wearing them.

Silver Vanilla

What the world has been awaiting, The famous and fabulous Possets' "silver" accord now combines with some very special vanillas (plural). One sort of vanilla is not enough, this is a combination of: plush, dry, sweet, and resinous vanillas of the most orgasmic sorts. Yes, yes yes. What more can I say? Ineffable.

This one had been recommended to me before, but for whatever reason, I forgot to order it. So I was pumped to see it in my handful of samples. What a beautiful vanilla scent. It doesn't beat out my beloved Vaniglia, but it is a beautiful vanilla. If you're in the market for a vanilla perfume, toss this one your list. It's so pure and rich. It lasted about six hours on my skin - just beautiful, rich vanilla.

Fire Flakes

This is the arena of the violent and dashing...the pirate and brigand, the bad boys and girls. Dramatic and attractive, there is an underpinning of a silvery camphor and the hypnotic allure of narcissus combined with a surprising element of fern and precious Arabian musk. A drop of chocolate liquor keeps the whole from tipping its hand too soon and thereby losing its prey. Strong and stunning and just plain good smelling.

I...didn't like this. It was kind of spicy and moody when I put it on, and then super masculine on me, which is not my thing, and then I smelled like and old lady. I lasted two hours with this on before scrubbing it. It has great sillage, I guess? Yeah.


As deep and velvety brown as her eyes, wicked and ineluctable Betsy always got her way in all things, partially because no one could resist the wonderful scent she used. Very deep bass notes of patchouli, labdanum, vetiver, and oud.  All the spices of Arabia, Africa, and the Orient blended together with a huge shot of the sweetest and most high keyed musk. The entire of it all settles down to great allure.

This was super musky. Very fancy. It smelled like it wouldn't be out of place in the perfume section at Sephora. It was nice, just not very me, because I prefer smelling not like the perfume section at Sephora. Super well-blended, I couldn't pick out the rest of the notes - it was just a dark, sexy base. Also great sillage. It lasted about eight hours on my skin.


A really special blend, Pomona is the essence of many fall harvest fruits of the earth playing on each others charms. I was amazed at how good this particular mixture of flora smelled! One clue, all of the ingredients start with a "p". Named for the goddess of the earth's fruiting. Unisex, for the patchouli lover, but patchouli haters have love it, too! Characteristics: fruity, patchouli, spicy, autumn, long lasting, home scent

This is a beautiful scent. In the vial it smelled sweet, and a little spicy. It's very fall, all cool air and spice. It smells like it would pair with crunching through leaves and thick sweaters. And boots. I love fall and wearing boots. This goes great with all of this. On my skin, it was a sweet spiciness, kind of like cardamom. Maybe pumpkin pie-ish, but not really (because I actually like it). Also amazing sillage. It lasted six or so hours on my skin.

Chocolate Incense

No Valentine's Day would be complete without a foolish amount of chocolate! But this is the kind you can wear, a drug for your nose and an indulgence for your psyche. Sandalwood, amber, frankincense bring out the smokey tease in chocolate which you probably had no idea was there. Downright narcotic, it's so sensuous.

Based on the name alone, I guessed this would be a big old basket of no for me. And I was right! In the vial it smells like someone tried to chocolate dip Chex Mix and on my skin it was weirdly spicy chocolate. It was a bunch of notes I do not love in one vial. We were not meant to be friends. I washed it off after fifteen minutes.

BBC - The Big Black Cat

Sweet and strong, but full of character, like a majestic big black cat! Buttery creme with a smooth caramel undercoat, bourbon vanilla (the kind with the tiny black specks), gourmet candy corn crushed and put in the mix, and a crust of burnt sugar with a crunch from some indefinable but thoroughly delightful source. All this with a kiss of cinnamon, a very small puff of clove, and one grain of allspice.

This smells amazing in the vial. Like slightly spicy caramel with a smooth creamy drizzle. But on my skin, it was almost all cinnamon, with a whiff of something creamy underneath. Maybe. I like cinnamon but I don't like it that much, and ultimately I was sad. I might try and use this as a room fragrance once or something. It hugs much closer to the skin than the others, and lasted about four hours.

Overall, this set of samples was not for me. I liked Silver Vanilla and Pomona, but most of the others were meh for me. Definitely not things I would have picked myself, though, so I like the attempt to get me out of my comfort zone.

If any of these interest you, check them out at the Possets website.

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