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Possets Sicilian Summer Collection

I'm back from vacation, just in time to squeeze this review in before I go back to school tomorrow, for my last first day of school for the forseeable future. 

Why yes, I am sharing a picture of a graveyard with you. But it's a very nice graveyard. My grandparents were buried here in 1997, and this is their view. One of the many spectacular views I enjoyed on my vacation.

I brought my Possets decants with me on vacation: I had originally ordered them in Ajevie's circle for Possets and had expected to get this done before vacation. But a small mishap meant they didn't arrive till the day before (my package was accidentally sent to someone in Toronto; when I noticed, I got in touch with Angi, the lovely woman behind Ajevie's Circles, and she contacted the person who had received my package in error, and worked with that person to get it to me) and so I packed them in my bag and tested them out while camping. 

I got half bottles of Cannoli and Gelato: Vaniglia, and sample-sized decants of Gelato: Strawberry from Syrcusa, Gelato: Blood Orange, Myrtle of Venus, and Stiletto.

While this one was not from Possets directly, I have ordered from Possets before, and she shipped super fast and it arrived within a week. 


Nothing about Sicily would be complete without cannoli (or at least one cannolo). There was never anything so very soul fulfilling as these deep fried tubes of the lightest crust filled with sweetened ricotta cheese. I prefer mine with no fruit or chocolate chips, so I can revel in the deep milky creamy goodness which fits perfectly with the crust. This is Sicily's gift to the world!

In February of this year, I had my very first cannoli, whilst visiting my cousin in Boston. This was shocking to her friends, but honestly, not a lot of Italians in my part of the world. Cannolis are not heard of, case in point, I told my mom I had my first cannoli and she asked me what on earth I was talking about. So. But I really liked it, so I thought that I could enjoy the scent of a cannoli while I'm in the land without them. 

This is astoundingly accurate. I can smell the flakiness of the crust and sweet heaviness of the ricotta. It makes me hungry.It has great sillage, and I could smell it wafting around me for five hours, and on my skin for another six. Amazing. I love this one. If I thought I would ever finish a whole bottle of perfume, I'd buy a back up right now.

Gelato: Vaniglia only Possets can do it. It is possible to have vanilla as a top, middle, and bottom note. I just did it. It is just a halo of vanilla as I have tasted it among the best of gelatos. Mmmmm. Vanilla was never so concentrated and so pure.

I'm really boring and usually order vanilla gelato when I go buy some at the market. I just love the richness of the flavour. Nothing compares. I'm pleased to say that this smells like my beloved vanilla gelato tastes. Rich, creamy and delicious. This one wears a little closer than Cannoli, but still has great lasting power, going for about nine hours. If you're looking for a beautiful vanilla, I would get this one.

Gelato: Strawberry from Syracusa

You have not lived until you taste the strawberries in Sicily. What makes them so different and beautiful? The sun and the passion, that's what. Crush them and add them to gelato and the scent and taste is so glorious, your mortal body can scarcely contain the pleasure. Very fresh and not cloying at all.

In the vial, and on my skin for about five minutes, this smells like beautifully fresh strawberries. And then it turns into this weird honey wheat scent? What? I tried this several times, and it kept happening. I do not like honey scents. I have no idea what my skin chemistry did to this. I am so confused. I also ended up scrubbing it off every time. 

Gelato: Blood Orange

Italian gelato is noted for being much more concentrated in their flavors than American ice cream. A bit less sweet but loaded with flavor, it is world famous. When the wonderful Sicilian Blood Oranges give up their essence to become gelato, the world swoons.

I will say right off the bat that I found this too sweet for my tastes. I will also say it's really well done. If you like blood orange, you should give this a go. It's sweet orange with a hint of creaminess, and a cool depth. It has pretty good sillage, and for a citrus scent, lasted a good five hours on my skin. 

Myrtle of Venus

A tribute to Venus, goddess of love who is so abundant on Sicily that she is taken for granted. Myrtle is one of the plants which is associated with Venus, and you can smell is in the sun all over Sicily, especially among ancient Greek temple ruins. Peach, apricot, myrtle, grey (seafoamy) musk. Lyrical and beautiful, simple, pure and serene.

This is soft and sweet, a beautiful fruit scent without being too sweet. The myrtle and the musk stay in the background and give the fruit some depth. I really like this one. It's pleasantly sweet and dries down to a soft oceanic note. It doesn't have the greatest staying power, lasting only five hours. Definitely considering a bottle of this one. It's just so pretty.


Sharp and elegant. Sicilian lemon mingles with oakmoss which vamps to galbanum, which flirts with yuzu. Strangely refreshing for such a passionate blend. Maybe it's because it has such a cold cold heart. Hard to get out of your mind, it is compelling.

This one is well-named. In the vial, it's a dark grapefruit. On the skin, it is a super sharp (apt, isn't it?) dark mossy scent that eventually gives way to a musky grapefruit. Very intriguing. I like it but I'm not sure where I would wear it - it's like the perfume of a sexpot villainness, and I am not those things. It also doesn't last overly long on me, getting about six hours, which is a solid effort. (I've been testing some Solstice Scents lately, too, and I think they spoil me). It has great sillage.

This was my first decant circle try and I'm really glad I decided to jump in. It gave me the chance to give a bunch of these a try.

If you're interested in any of these, you can check out Possets here.

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