Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Shiro Create Your Own Palette Swatches and Comparisons

In August, Shiro Cosmetics announced they would be putting up a bunch of pressed eyeshadows on their website and allowing customers to "create their own palettes," by picking four shadows and buying a little palette at a bundled price ($25USD). These were leftover from a craft fair Shiro had been at in the spring, and long-awaited.

So, of course, when they went up, everyone went insane. The website crashed, things were selling out like crazy, and Caitlin apologized and announced that she would be releasing a few pressed shadows every Monday (except for this week because NEW STUFF IS COMING OUT OMG) so people could continue to enjoy this awesomeness.

Well, I snagged a palette from the original release of these on to the website, because I apparently love fighting with websites (seriously, it was torturous; I gave up at one point, but I gave back in and managed to complete my order). I got one palette with Moon Prism Power; Master of Whispers; Farewell, Wherever You Fare; and More Sugar. I had originally thought I would try to get colours I didn't already have in loose form but also try and get colours that would work well with the other pressed quad I have from Shiro, the LE Valentine's palette. This sort of worked. I already had Moon Prism Power and Master of Whispers. But they will pair nicely with my other palette.

The top of my palette. I didn't request a specific design, though you can. 

The colours! Top, L-R: Moon Prisim Power, Master of Whispers. Bottom, L-R: Farewell, Wherever You Fare; More Sugar.

Moon Prism Power: Extremely difficult to photograph – pale, lightly pinkish cream base, with a strong opalescent green shift and bright golden sparkle. Lip-safe!

Master of Whispers: Soft golden shimmer shining through pale lilac silk. Lip-safe!

Farewell, Wherever You Fare: Cold, stoney greyed brown with light shimmer. Lip-safe!

More Sugar: Dark brown-taupe with lighter creamy shimmer. Lip-safe!

These all apply very smoothly. I found the lighter colours to be quite sheer in application, and required some extra work to build them up. Moon Prism Power in particular was pretty sheer, and more subtle than the loose version because of the sheerness.

All swatches have been done over NARS Smudgeproof eye primer.

L-R: Moon Prism Power, Master of Whispers, Farewell, Wherever You Fare, More Sugar

Moon Prism Power. Very sheer. A nice subtle highlight. I always have a problem with the loose version being too pigmented, so this is great for me, but I can see it being a problem for other people.

Master of Whispers. Also a little sheerer, but still just as gorgeous.

Farewell, Wherever You Fare. A velvety, shimmery brown. A solid neutral.

More Sugar. A shimmery, purple-y taupe. A nice neutral with a twist, and since I like to expand the definition of neutral shadows, this is great.

I also did some comparisons of Moon Prism Power and Master of Whispers with their loose versions.

L-R: Moon Prism Power, Master of Whispers. The pressed shadow is on top, the loose on the bottom.

Moon Prism Power: left pressed, right loose. You can see how sheer the pressed one is, I also find the pink and green to be more prominent.

Master of Whispers: left pressed, right loose. Mast of Whispers is one of my favourite shadows, but I actually think I like the pressed version even more than the loose. It's pinker and the gold is a little bolder. I am in love with it all over again.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my palette. It's pretty and compact and perfect for travel. It will complement my other Shiro palette. If you're looking to get into indie eyeshadow, but a little wary of pressing, or you just don't feel like pressing your own, Shiro now has a great option for you. I'm a fan. 

You can check out Shiro's current pressed selection on the website.

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