Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Literary Adventures of a Library Student

It's already a thing to have a blog about makeup and books. So I'm not being the slightest bit original here - my inner hipster is whining in my ear right now - and it's made even less original by the fact that I told you all in my subtitle that I'm an aspiring librarian (come May 2015, I will be qualified to be one!).

Though, as a librarian, you do not sit around and read. If you like reading and think you should be a librarian because you like reading...well, don't. I started down this path because I like information, the flow of it, managing access to it, and helping people find what they need. I also like the fact that I get to teach, but not all the time.

The reading I do at my work (as a reference and research services intern, aka junior librarian) is almost entirely articles for other people, subject headings, and search strings. The reading I do for school is both interesting and boring, more often the latter than the former.

Anyway, so because I spend most of my days, and have for more than five years now, reading things that I alternately find boring and interesting, but certainly not recreational, I have tried many ways to keep my love of reading. When you're assigned ~1000 pages a week to read, you lose sight of why you like it. 

One of the ways I will continue to challenge myself not only to keep leisure reading as part of my life, but to keep reading new and interesting books a part of my life is to blog about my book adventures here. I have been doing a lot of book shopping since the beginning of April, and have brought home at least forty books since then, and probably more (I got 18 alone at a used book sale in June; it was a fill a bag for $5 sale and I used to be a cashier at a grocery store. I pack a mean bag). During the school year I tend to shy away from making decisions about reading and reread my old favourites. Which is fine, but then I will have this pile of books I haven't read collecting dust (or ebooks collecting virtual dust, as the case may be).

Plus I refuse to move sometime next spring/summer without having read these books.

And finally, I have a lot of stuff going on this school year, so while I'm scheduling every minute of my life from now till the beginning of April 2015, I might as well schedule some reading in there too.

So how is this going to work?

I'll list any new acquisitions, what books are coming up next on my list, what new or old bookstores I have frequented, what books I have ordered in from the public library (I think I'm holding out for the new public library to be finished, it's by far the closest one to me, and with BARA, I can drop them off in our returns box at work), and chat a bit about the books that I have finished. Probably there will be some spoilers, though I will do my best to not spoil. Which is hard because I have gotten in the habit of spoiling books when talking about them in my English classes. 

So -

New acquisitions:

So many books. My cousins and I, in addition to our quest over vacation to drink massive amounts of beer (I think our major expense was beer, and since kind family donated money for gas/food/accommodations, possibly the only), also visited every used bookstore we could. Thus I bought ten books over the last two weeks. So I won't list them all,especially as I've read a number.

Reading List:

Currently reading Figures in Silk by Vanora Bennett. I actually started tonight and am almost done (I am a speedreader. I taught myself to read as fast as possible when I was six or so and have never been able to shake the habit). I am also supposed to be reading Battle Royale by Koshun Takami, but I can't stand any of the characters and they have only just gotten to the island. I feel like something is being lost in translation with that one, as well.

Coming up will be In a Glass House and Where Has She Gone, both by Nino Ricci. I read Lives of the Saints on vacation and discovered that it was the first in a trilogy, so snapped these two up when I saw them at JWD Books. It's about a young Italian boy, and the havoc his mother wreaked on their village, and their lives after she has an affair.


I made the trek with my cousins over to JWD Books on Tuesday. It is probably my favourite bookstore ever. They have everything, they have so many books they can't shelve them all, and they have very fair prices for their books. I like frequenting used bookstores and a good one is a delight.

We also went to Ed's Books in Sydney. Previously, it was known as Reynold's and we actually didn't know it had changed until we were there. Reynold;s was a decent little used bookstore, but Ed's is wonderful. He's cleaned it up, expanded the space, and the prices are amazing. I bought four books, and no book was more than five dollars, in great condition. There was also no tax, and Ed actually just rounded down our totals to whatever he thought was fair. I paid $10 for my books, when the listed prices came to $13.75, already a great deal. There were lots of people in there, too, and it seems to be a very popular spot, which I am glad to see.

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