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Black Violet Celebration!

I first heard of Black Violet last fall, when Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics shared her impressively large perfume collection with us at /r/indiemakeupandmore. This did a couple of things for me: it gave my meager (at the time) perfume collection something to aspire to and alerted me to Black Violet. I asked Caitlin what her favourite perfumes were, and one of them was Black Violet's Snow White Tea. I did a little digging and found Black Violet - then a very new shop. This was probably November 2013. I immediately ordered a full size of Snow White Tea and fell in love with the craftsmanship and customer service that Leilani provides.

Fast forward to September, and it's been a year since Black Violet opened. To celebrate her first anniversary, Leilani planned a special sale, released a a special commemorative perfume, and worked with Caitlin to create a special eyeshadow as a gift with purchase during the sale. I have been falling more and more in love with this shop, so naturally I made a purchase. Actually, two purchases, because I ordered earlier on in the month. So this is the culmination of two hauls. 

And this is where I love talking to Leilani. As an international customer, I have to contact her to place an order. Which hurts my instant gratification, but as it turns out, I prefer to chat with Leilani when making an order. She's the sweetest, and no matter what insane time I e-mail her at, she always responds promptly (get some rest, lady!). She also tolerates my indecision (my first order came with two samples as I could not decide which one I wanted and she said she'd send both) and is basically all-around wonderful. If you're looking for a reason to dip your toes into Black Violet soon, the fact that Leilani is a great person should help you out.

The goods.

The total damage was:
  • body butter in Red Lotus
  • Superfruit creme cleanser (x2)
  • full size perfume oils in Momotaro, Bavarian Apfel Cider, and Celebration
  • deluxe perfume samples (2.4ml) in Celebration, Yuzu Cookies, Sea Goddess, and P√Ętisserie
  • full size GWP shadow in Everything Counts, a collaboration between Black Violet and Shiro
Let's start with perfumes!


Floating down a stream was a ripe little peachling. When opened to eat, the couple was surprised to discover a little boy sweetly named Momotaro- which translates to peach and eldest son.

I reviewed the solid version here, so I won't say too much about it. Because it was discontinued and I love it, I wanted to snap up the oil. The only difference between the oil and the solid is that the oil has greater sillage, and the floral green undertone blossoms a little more on the skin. Still a beautiful peach scent. If it's still kicking around when Black Violet reopens on November 5th (my birthday, so feel free to celebrate), I would snap it up if you're into peaches.

Bavarian Apfel Cider

Our stein froths over with golden apple cider alongside a slice of red currant torte, topped with slivers of almonds 

This was a fall scent that Leilani released that I knew I had to have. Apples! It smells like slightly spiced apple cider in the bottle, and it was very apple-y for the first hour or so on my skin, before it settled down to a more traditional spiced cider scent. I like it. It's very fall - it went well with a big sweater and boots, which is my autumn uniform. This one hugged very close to the skin, and lasted about seven hours on my skin.


Our celebratory champagne opens with a garnet bouquet of pomegranate, aromatic ripeness of boysenberry, rounded out with a garnish of cracked pink peppercorn for a playful finish.

So even though Leilani was including a deluxe sample size of Celebration in all of the sale orders, I read the description on her Facebook page and knew I would want a full size, so I figured I better grab one while I'm ordering. This is beautiful. It's a great, girly fruity perfume, with a hint of something darker. The pomegranate and the boysenberry go so well together. This smells like a deep berry pink, girly and adult. I love it so much. I want to bathe in it. I need Leilani to make a creme soap of it. It has wonderful sillage, wafting around for quite a while and lasted nine hours on my skin.

The label and bottle colour has changed since the last time I ordered a perfume oil, but the bottles are still the same size.

Sea Goddess

Tropical waters, trade winds & ti leaves braided with orange blossoms. As Madame Pele dug a deep fire pit, her sister Namaka the Sea Goddess flooded the glowing embers with salt water to show her displeasure with all the destruction. The battle raged on as ocean and fire met. The Sea Goddess climbed to her windy lookout only to discover Madame Pele form thru the smoky clouds. Her steamy spirit disappeared into the crater with trade winds of island flowers as offerings.

This is another discontinued scent and I hope very much that there will be a bottle in the shop still when it reopens. It's a beautiful, softly floral aquatic scent. It's so delicate and gorgeous. I cannot convey how taken I was with this one. It's divine. It wore close to the skin, and lasted about five hours on me.

Yuzu Cookies

For hundreds of years, yuzu has been placed in Japanese baths, releasing a grapefruit and mandarin orange-like aroma. The citrus fruit is found in many exquisite dishes & drinks. Enjoy it paired with butter cookies!

This is a gorgeous citrus cookie scent. The grapefruit is tempered by sweet butter cookies, and it's just really delicious. Very true to the description - no surprises here. Yum. The cookie scent is particularly stunning. It's just so realistic! It has great sillage, but not a ton of staying power: it was fully gone in under four hours. Citrus, you're just so fickle that way.


Petit fours of eclairs covered in powdered sugar filled with vanilla custard, lemon meringue tarts in a buttery short dough shell brimming with lemon curd, a swirl of baked meringue & finished in a light dusting of confectioners sugar

This is a very sweet scent. I definitely got the eclairs and the powdered sugar. If you like the scent of baked goods, I would heartily recommend this one. I'm not sure how Leilani bottled an eclair but she did and it is delicious. This one lasted about six hours, and hugged pretty close to my skin.


Superfruit Creme Cleanser

My hoarde.

I like to be very thorough in my skincare reviews - testing things out takes a while for me when it comes to anything face-wise. I ordered a jar of Superfruit in June, and now that I am on the very last dregs of my first jar, I feel like I can talk about it. 

It comes in a four ounce jar with a small spatula to scoop out a little bit at a time. Leilani wrote me a note in my first delivery of it to suggest that I only use a pinch. She is beyond right. This is a very dense cleanser - a little goes a long way. It's almost as dense as a whipped soap, with little bits of shea butter that easily dissolve as you use it. There are directions on the side of the jar, but basically what I do is after I've removed my makeup, I was my hands thoroughly. While still wet, but no longer soapy, I scoop a little bit out of the jar and rub it gently into my skin. I then get into the shower and wash it off of my face that way. 

I was drawn to this because I was looking for a gentler substitute for my OHWTO Black Magic Soap, which was starting to aggravate some dry patches on my face. Superfruit is my answer. It's gentle, it smells good (kind of like grapefruit and something a teeny bit medicinal) and my skin loves it. My skin is combo, dehydrated and prone to hormonal breakouts. This both soothes and cleanses it. I highly recommend - and even better, when Leilani reopens in November, she will be offering sample jars of Superfruit to try out.

Body Butter: Red Lotus

I originally reviewed Red Lotus in perfume oil form here and I'd say it's pretty true to form in the body butter, perhaps a little sweeter. I really like this body butter formula. It's super silky and very luxurious. I'm trying to work through a pile of body lotions, but I have a feeling this will be one of the forumlas I will be looking to purchase again after this. It's very rich, and takes a little bit to soak in, but leave behind sinfully soft skin - there's no way to put it another way. I'm a fan.

Everything Counts GWP eyeshadow

This is a beautiful peachy, pinky copper colour, with a bit of shimmer. It's really flattering and I may even get Caitlin to make a custom gloss for me to match it, because it's so pretty. 

Black Violet is closed until November 5th (remember, remember - also my birthday. I give you permission to haul if you need it) but when she's back, you can check all of her wonderful products here.

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