Friday, 24 October 2014

Dolly's Polish

The wonderful woman behind Ajevie's Circles, Angi, also runs her own indie shop called Dolly's, where she sells beautiful and fun nail polish. I've been eyeing them since swatches started popping up on the shop, but it was only recently that she added shipping to Canada to the shop. So after my excitement about this died down, I went to the website and spent a while sorting through the polishes. I picked out sample bottles in Autumn 2014, Puddle Duck, and Chirp, Chirp. And with ordering one of the fall collection bottles, I got a free sample bottle of Sugar Skulls. I have major difficulty finishing nail polish, so these little sample bottles are perfect for me to get a variety of colour without wasting my money. And if I do ever finish a bottle, I will definitely be back for a full size. 

When I purchased my polish, there was a small sale on the site, which was great. I didn't have to contact Angi, though I have ordered from a number of her decant circles and have no doubt that she will treat you well. On her website, she stated that shipping was within 7 business days, but it was more like two for me. 

Onto the colours!

Autumn 2014

A warm red-orange crelly full of moody shimmer that morphs from gold to green.

I didn't get the green from the shimmer, though I definitely got the gold. It's a beautiful burnt sort of red. Very easy to apply and very smooth. This is two coats to get the opacity. Worn with my Revlon base and top coats, I got five days out of it before it chipped. It also removed very well.

Sugar Skulls

(I couldn't find a description for this one, but it's basically white polish with colourful and different shapes of glitter.)

Please excuse the sloppy application. I have never learned to paint my nails beyond a six year old level of skill. I really liked this one. It's so cute. I did find it a little streaky, but I think that's a white polish problem rather than a fault with the formula (is there an unstreaky white polish in this world? My experiences say no). I think it would be better over top of a plain white base. This was two coats. I think this is my favourite. With my Revlon base and top coats, this chipped in a couple of days, likely due to the glitter sticking out a bit and I'm rough with my hands. It removed okay, about what I expected for a polish with large glitter in it.

Chirp, Chirp

Pink and yellow micro glitter in a cream base with yellow shimmer.

This is totally a spring colour. It's a pretty pale pink with a soft gold sheen. When you look close, you can see the pink and gold glitters. It was the easiest to apply, being almost effortless to keep neat, which I found wonderful. It also lasted a week (!!!) with my Revlon base and top coats. This picture is of two coats to get very close to opacity.

Puddle Duck

Blue, green, yellow and white glitters in a clear base with a hint of teal shimmer.

This was the most difficult to apply, with a clear base and a bunch of different sized glitters. Still, it was about par for a standard glitter polish. I liked the mixing of square and round glitter. This is three coats of polish, to get the bluer base. It lasted four days without chipping with my Revlon base and top coats, which I thought was seriously impressive. This one is pretty cute, though not exactly my taste all the time. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with my order. The polish are beautiful, I love the idea of the minis and they also all dry super fast, which was amazing because I have difficulty remembering to let my nails dry fully. You can check out Dolly's here.

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