Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Epically Epic Soap: Lip tints!

Epically Epic Soap is a shop that was brought to my attention in the late spring/early summer when the shop was closing for a bit (of course, right?) while the owner, Allison, had a baby. I scooped up some lip tints in her final inventory clearout sale thing, and have used them heavily since. 

L-R Bullfro cherry-Peach, Jasmin Tea, Red Velvet Cake, Epicberry Noir, Strawberry Rhubarb, Cherries Jubilee

Since then, Epically Epic has opened a couple times to sell some fall goodies, where I nabbed another lip tint, among some other things. But this Saturday (November 1st, 8PM EST), Allison will be releasing a Yule collection, so I thought it was time that I swatched these things. I don't know if any of these will be back, though.

I've only ordered twice, and have not needed to contact Allison, so I can't say anything about her customer service, but I will state that she shipped very quickly (2-3 days TAT, tops). However, for this sale, she has stated that TAT will probably be more like 2-3 weeks.

I am a sucker for lip tints, and these are nice ones. I find the lighter colours to be super sheer, so if you have pigmented lips, it's very hard to see the colour, which is disappointing. The scents are pretty nice for the most part, though I find them to be quite strong, so those sensitive will want to stay away. The balms themselves are firm and easy to apply. I don't find them to be especially moisturizing, so I usually wear a lip balm underneath - as I do with almost all of my colour lip products. I also have one of the regular lip balms, and find it to be okay at moisturizing - the tints a little less so, but better than  what I usually expect from colour lip products.

Arm swatches are two swipes on skin that matches Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13.

L-R: Bullfrog Cherry-Peach, Jasmine Tea, Red Velvet Cake, Epicberry Noir, Strawberry Rhubarb, Cherries Jubilee

Lip swatches are three swipes on my lips.

Bare lips for reference!

Bullfrog Cherry Peach

A funny name for a very pretty lip tint! The color is a sheer and shimmery light golden peach. The flavor is sweet peaches, maraschino cherry, a drop of lemon, and gin (I use juniper berry essential oil for the gin flavor, because try as I might I can't get real gin to mix into the lip balm.) 

The sheerer ones all look kind of the same on me. So. Very slight tints, a good amount of shine, and this one smells like it says. A really delicious peachy drink.

Jasmine Tea

This lightly-colored lip tint will remind you of a cup of sweet jasmine tea at your favorite Asian restaurant. I recently re-formulated this color to be a slightly brighter orchid purple with gorgeous overtones of magenta and violet shimmer. 

I don't get a ton of shimmer in this - I like that her balms, even the shimmery ones, are easy to put on and have no noticeably glittery chunks or anything. It's a very subtle purple and smells like jasmine tea candies.

Red Velvet Cake

An irresistibly delicious lip tint that tastes just like red velvet cake ~ dark chocolate, sweet vanilla, and just a hint of raspberry. It's tinted with a sheer and easy to wear straight red-red. The color will look a little lighter and brighter on your lips than it does in the tube. 

This is one of my favourites! Probably because it's one of the more pigmented ones. It's a really flattering red. And it smells like cake. Yum.

Epicberry Noir

EpicBerry's deep and dramatic rebellious sister! The flavor is an epic medley of raspberry, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, and açaí. It is packed with as many shades of red, purple, and black mineral color for a very, very dark reddish-blackberry-plum lip tint. Yes, it is a very dark, almost black color. Perfect for a late night out, or why not for everyday? 

Another of the more pigmented shades. This is probably the only one that doesn't smell good to me - it honestly smells like Play-Doh. But the scent also isn't as strong, so I don't have to put up with it for too long. I find this one to be a little finickier than the others. My lips have to be in top condition and it cane sometimes be a little streaky. 

Strawberry Rhubarb

A sweet and delicious lip tint with the unique reddish-pink color of rhubarb! This is a fun color that's flattering for a variety of skin tones. 

I'd say this is way more pink than red, and certainly not any kind of red-pink I would associate with rhubarb, but it's still very pretty. I wear it a lot, despite it being so sheer. It adds a nice pinky tone to my lips. I also love the strawberry rhubarb smell. It's like the pie filling.

Cherries Jubilee

A sweet cherry flavor with vanilla ice cream and a jubilant splash of apricot brandy. The color is a romantic deep, dark red, about the color of the cherries in the third picture.

This last one is my favourite. It smells like cherry candies, and is a beautiful, deep, wearable pinkish red. Gorgeous. I'm so glad I snapped this up.

Overall, I really like the lip tints (but to be fair, I have yet to meet a tinted lip balm I truly hate). They're easy to apply and wear. They don't stain, and they last a middling amount of time on me, who regularly has a bottle of water attached to my mouth.

When the sale goes live, you can check out the Epically Epic shop on Etsy. And if you've tried some of their other things, I'd love to hear some reviews. The only other thing I have is a solid lotion, which I've used a few times and liked, but have put it in the lotion queue while I finish a bunch of older ones.

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