Thursday, 30 October 2014

Monthly Empties: October

I've decided to start keeping track of my empties - mainly because I have a giant sample stash to get through and piles of bath things and someday, I want to record the momentous occasion when I actually finish an eyeshadow.

This month I finished a bunch of moisturizer, which is a feat, since I'm normally really bad at remembering to put it on. So victory there.

Avalon Organics Shampoo - Lavender: I bought this to start my sulfate-free shampoo journey off on a better foot after their lemon shampoo wasn't working for me. This one doesn't really work either. Not buying again.

Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel (foil sample, represented by the clear toiletry bottle in the back): I emptied the packet into that bottle for ease of use - it filled it up about halfway and took at least three weeks to use up, using daily. So I was impressed by the amount in that sample. I like it, and am thinking about repurchasing it, but there are two major detractors: the price and the fact I'd have to order it from the Sephora website, something I hate doing because duties.

Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream (foil packet): I'm sure this was nice. It smelled good. I have no idea what it did because there was no noticeable effect on my skin.

Paintbox Pink Sand Sorbetto - mini size: I love Pink Sand. It was my favourite summer scent, and I wanted to get everything in Pink Sand. Which I did, including this mini scrub. But I'm not really a scrub person. It smelled good, but I had to constantly remind myself to use it, plus it's super heavy, so it costs a lot to get up here. Probably won't repurchase.

Black Violet Superfruit Cream Cleanser: My new favourite face wash. Lightly exfoliating, smells good, effective, and gentle. I already got a new one + a backup. 

Alchimia Apothecary Black Cocoa lip balm in Natural: I've been using this as my nighttime lip balm since I got it. It's wonderfully moisturizing, but since Alchimia discontinued their skincare, I can't get it anymore. I've moved on to using Darling Clandestine's Dulcinea balm.

Missha Time Revolution Aqua Youth Cream (foil packet): This was okay too. It made my skin a little brighter, but I don't know that I want to actually buy it.

One Hand Washes The Other Indulgence Creme in Lucky: Lucky is my favourite fresh apple scent from OHWTO. It's beautiful. I really like this moisturizer for a nighttime cream for my feet and legs. I will repurchase eventually, but not until I plough through my pile of lotions.

Purplecat Creatives Body Butter in Scintillating, Bubblecake, Mudslide, Key Lime Pie - sample sizes: I like Purplecat's body butter, but again, I have so much lotion to get through that I won't be looking for a while.

Next month I think I'll be focusing more on my foil packets - I still have a pile of them and the pile needs some work.

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