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Possets Part 3: More GC Samples

Part 3 (and the last!) of my Possets order. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

If you were counting, you'll remember I said I got 12 free samples, and there were six already reviewed. Well, there will only be five in this round, because one of my samples was of Dance With Me, which was one of my full sizes. Only a little, microscopic amount of disappointment because I got so many samples.

Again, these were all done without reading the scent descriptions until after.

Some more leaktastic vials.

Wings of an Angel

Another beauty I have been mourning is The Scent of Angels. Rather than just let it fade, I decided to take this one back and put it onto the next level. This is the evolution of the much loved Scent of Angels, and I think that in many ways it is superior. Hawthorn, white musk, a touch of ethereal mintiness, gorgeous regal vanilla Bourbon. An instant classic.

In the vial, this was weird. In an off-putting way. It was super sweet and spicy. On my skin it mellowed out considerably, and became a softly spiced cream. It's very pretty - totally not my style, but very pretty nonetheless. It lasted about six hours on my skin, and hugged pretty close to my skin. 

Sweet Arabia

A typically Arabian blend with three oudes, "white" sandalwood, a hint of charcoal burning (yes, it does have its own very appealing scent), golden copal, and myrrh tears. Strong and long lasting, endowed with a bit of labdanum. This is a woody hypnotic type of fragrance, very deep and about as far away as you can get from goody. At the risk of sounding obscure (though some will know exactly what I mean) it's a very fabric-like scent (though not like silk). Almost tarry in its dark resinous heart. The best quality ingredients give Sweet Arabia a sparkling polish. 

In the vial, this was a little bit sweet and elegant. On my skin, it smelled like baby powder with an undercurrent of wood. Very fancy baby powder, but baby powder. It grew on me as time went on - it lasted about four hours on me - and I started to like it quite a lot at the end, even though it still smelled like baby powder over something dark and mysterious. Excellent sillage.

The Pleiades 

Subaru in Japanese myth (hence the name of the car and its logo) the 7 sisters have a variety of myths attributed to their origins and lives (usually they were ravished by a variety of gods who could not withstand their beauty and had an army of children afterwards). Hauntingly romantic silver musk is at the base, osmanthus (sweet olive), pink baby rose, hawthorne, and a small amount of vanilla. A very floaty, dreamy fragrance perfect for mooning over your lover or trying to catch the attention of someone for whom you have set your cap. Difficult to pin down, and wraps you in a cloud of charmingly vague but definitely beautiful fragrance. Very very feminine.

On me, this smells like relish. Like sweet green relish. I love relish, but I do not ever want to smell like it. I scrubbed it off immediately. Looking at the notes I'm not sure why I smell like relish while wearing it, but I do. 

Cygnus the Swan

Cygnus (the Swan) is a very very very very sexy blend of the scent of real vanilla, rose, golden musk, sugar concentrate (do not eat this), an accord which smells a lot like fondant, and a pink musk which I have not used before. Very strong and very long lasting. Very. It is gorgeous, and I would say an instant classic

This one smelled creamy and pretty in the vial. On my skin, it is still creamy and pretty, but there's something in there I distinctly do not like. It smells like there's rose in there. I hate roses. It's pretty well-blended in there, but my nose honed in on the rose and couldn't stop smelling it. Also a scrubber.


Arc to Arcturus is a common saying in the astrological world. In this case Arcturus is a blend of the blackest of all vanillas in a swirl in dead space. It's a beautiful dark foodie blend which is a true hybrid between the wearable vanillas and those which you just wish to put your tongue on. Madagascar, two Mexican vanilla, and a dry and almost earthy Tahitian vanilla blend together to make a superb concoction for seduction. Intensely sophisticated and very up to date.

In the vial, this is a non-descript vanilla. Nice, but nothing to write home about. On the skin, it blossoms. It's a really sexy vanilla, all cream and sweetness and dark sexiness. Holy.I really like this one. It wear so beautifully too, fading to a dark creamy vanilla. It lasted about seven hours on my skin and has delightful sillage: not too much, not too close.

As always, you can check out Possets' website.

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