Sunday, 31 May 2015

Seasonal reviews: Spring

I said I was going to get this done before June, and see? I just squeaked in. It took spring quite some time to emerge here, but it finally arrived...and I think, has turned into summer already. Or maybe it's just my inability to tolerate temperature above 15C after a long winter.

For reference, here's the winter reviews post. As a mini-recap: I took four perfumes that are heavily tied to the four seasons, and am reviewing what they evoke in me, how if feels to wear them, how I interact with them and any other thoughts I have every season.

The four perfumes are:

  • Solstice Scents Foxcroft (fall)
  • Arcana Arctic Bear (winter)
  • Haus of Gloi Maedwe (spring)
  • One Hand Washed The Other Dandelion Wine (summer)

Solstice Scents Foxcroft

Ozone, Rustling Leaves, Rich Black Soil, Chimney Smoke & Woods

It's been getting warmer here (almost too warm for my liking), so I wore this with a bit of longing. But it also felt wrong - like it was too heavy, too smoky, too many decaying leaves. It was at odds with the trees around me that are beginning to show signs of life, not shedding their leaves. I wanted to keep wearing it, but I ended up washing it off because I felt like I was trying to run against my environment. I expect this how many Southern Hemisphere dwellers feel when seasonal collections run counter to their own season. I love Foxcroft, but it is dark, when I want light (not on me though. I want to see light, but remain shielded from it).

Arcana Arctic Bear

Cave in to shivery pleasures with this festively icy blend straight from the North Pole. A playful mix of aromatic Northern bayberry, frosted Siberian fir needle oil and the dry freshness of snowy woods. Hail the Great Arctic Bear!

If Foxcroft felt wrong, Arctic Bear felt doubly wrong. It smells like Christmas! And snow! NO. I am done with that nonsense for now. Stop bringing cold winds and frozen things into my life, Arctic Bear. I wore this for about ten minutes, and while the bayberry did sweeten the tree a little bit, I just couldn't do it. Winter was especially rough this year, and I need no reminders of it. Go away.

Haus of Gloi Maedwe

Pesky dandelions, red clover patches, creeping sweetpea blooms and the dense afternoon haze of blossoming fruit trees.

So...Maedwe didn't come back this year, so I guess you all have to hate me. Maedwe is so wonderfully perfect, so wonderfully right for the joy I feel in looking at blooming plants right now, and the fresh greenness of everything. It smells like newness and potential and pretty, green delicate spring. It is made for spring and captures the spirit of it. If it was possible to cuddle happily with a perfume bottle on a grassy hill, that is what I would be doing right now. Maedwe, you're prefect. Except for the part where you're unavailable. 

One Hand Washes the Other Dandelion Wine

Sweet green grass, Dandelions, Tobacco, a hint of Smoke, Atlas Cedarwood, Heliotrope, and a wee touch of Patchouli to ground it.

I have a fondness for dandelions, mainly because of the park across the street from my parents' house being covered in them. It was like a sea of bright yellow. And also my own yard, because my parents don't care about things like "lawn maintenance." Our yard is very green, but there's no actual grass on it, to the consternation of the neighbours. One year strawberry blossoms took root, and we've picked wild strawberries in the yard ever since, again to the consternation of the neighbours. I digress. Suffice it to say, I like what would typically be considered weeds. Dandelion Wine smells of things to come: hot hazy days with a haze of pollen over a dandelion-encrusted field. It smells of summer potential and blank days spread out, waiting to be filled.

I found myself being more opinionated on what works right now and what doesn't. I think I most certainly have to abandon any remaining shreds of the idea that scents don't need to follow seasons, because there are some that definitely do, and yes, I do have seasonal scent rotations. 

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