Monday, 22 June 2015

A Week in Perfume

The awesome Noon of peachy noon once asked me if I found myself drawn more to perfume because of my weak vision. At the time, I told her I hadn't really thought about it, because I've always been a very visual person. The universe has a sick sense of humour, in case you were wondering. But I also told her that I liked scent because it helped inform my visual experience and I found them linked. 

I've talked a bit on here about how I have had some of my other senses become particularly astute - I often listen for people coming while I'm waiting for them, rather than actually watch, for example. (Tangent: part of my extreme chlorine sensitivity is being prone to swimmer's ear. After I had it eight times in a two year period or something like that, I went to an otolaryngologist who instructed my parents to pull me out of swimming lessons and had me go get my hearing tested in case there was any damage. My dad in particular was skeptical, because he knew I could hear every conversation in our house no matter where I was. I tested well above average, hearing-wise. He was vindicated.) I do have a fairly sensitive nose, though I don't tend to rely on it as much as I do my hearing. I have been doing some more thinking about this, though, and I think part of why I'm so drawn to scent is because I tend to "see" scent. Yes, scents evoke memories for me, and I often write about them in reviews, but I also tend to associate scents with colours, which I also occasionally write about. 

I think there is something telling that during a period of sobering acceptance of my chronic vision issues, I found indie perfume and turned to enhancing my days with scents. As I've grown more and more attached to scent, makeup has started to take a backseat to my perfume interest. I prefer to use scent to mark my days and have been on a minimal makeup/no makeup-makeup  kick now for about a year and a half.

I don't think I've worn the same perfume two days in a row since early 2013. I genuinely love picking a different scent every day: for important events, for wandering about, for road trips, for reading in the park, for holidays and for my mood. I also think it's a bit more in line with my personality: indie perfume oils, for the most part, are pretty subtle. I can express myself without being too obvious about it, and I like that a lot. I'm not a bright colours on my face kind of person (power to you if you are! I'm jealous) because it just doesn't feel right, but unusual scents? Yes, please. I have a need to smell like a root beer float especially since I'm lactose-intolerant and can't have a proper one. I suppose I could have one with dairy-free vanilla ice cream, but I have my doubts about that. Also my partner hates root beer (and mint chocolate. It's possible he has no soul. I'll get back to you on that) so out of deference to his strong negative reaction to it, I don't keep any in the house.

So sometimes perfume also acts as a snack replacement for my nose (please do not drink perfume oil). But most of the time, it's just a morning pick-me-up that develops into a memory later. 

This past week was kind of a wild one, as I've mentioned, with me starting a new job, which has lead to a lot of upheaval (again) for me. When there's some kind of transition in my life, I tend to reach for the familiar and well-loved. This past week's choices were:

Sunday: Haus of Gloi Lassi

Cool fresh mango cream, Tunisian orange blossom absolute, black ginger to ground, splash of green tea and a soft squeeze of lime juice.

This has typically been a spring release, though Haus of Gloi didn't bring it back again this year. D: It smells like sour gummy worms and I love it. Who doesn't want to smell like sour gummy worms? Heathens. That's right. 

Monday: Smelly Yeti Slayer, The

Sweet, bright and feminine, this scent is a delicious blend of light and fruity Californian citrus. Blood orange, tangerine, Meyer lemon, and lime with a creamsicle sweetness. Feminine.

Delicious, light fizzy citrus. I had an appointment in a scent-free environment earlier in the day, so I waited to slather this one on until after. It just makes me happy.

Tuesday: Bobbi Brown Beach

Beach captures the atmosphere and attitude of summer with a lightly intoxicating blend of sand jasmine, sea spray and mandarin. 

This is the only mainstream fragrance that I own right now that I bought of my own accord. I plan on reviewing it at some point, but basically, this is an afternoon at a sandy beach in a bottle (or rollerball, as the case may be). It smells like sunscreen and ocean and sand. I wore this one in honour of the last weekday (for a little while) that I had to laze about the house. It's been a fairly cool June, so this warmed up the day for me.

Wednesday: Paintbox Soapworks Pink Sand

A sunset-beach blend of creamy rice flower & luscious fig awash in crisp white tea & sparkling surf.

My new job is in a scent-free environment, so I didn't put this on until after I got home. I was feeling a little bewildered, so I pulled out my favourtie summer scent to help ground myself. It's the perfect mix of fruit and floral and aquatic and it's just a generally calming scent.

Thursday: Smelly Yeti Hey, McFly!

Inspired by old 50s ice cream parlors, this scent mixes fizzy cola and root beer with sweetshop vanilla to create a surprisingly unisex/masculine end result. Slather some on, go to the big dance. It's your density.

Root beer float perfection. We went to the Halifax Food Truck Party, and I wanted something that would fit. This was a perfect choice. And the food truck party was excellent. 

Friday: Ten Three Labs McNamara

Raspberry lemonade.

I've been craving lemonade everything lately, including perfume. I ordered this one to help that craving, and it arrived Thursday. I couldn't help myself, though, and test-drove it before it had rested for long enough (I usually let my scents rest 2-3 weeks before testing them out). It smelled like delicious raspberry lemonade. As it should! 

Saturday: Darling Clandestine MorderKloud

A FrankenBitsy with Morderteile Kelah (A magnificent perfume inspired by a magnificent lady with magnificent knockers. Notes of amber, hyacinth, milk and strawberry jam. Spicy and sweet.) and Cloudswing (A tumble in the hay! Lemongrass and vanilla and resiny wood and marigolds and new-mown clover and sun.)

This was a gift from a friend, who knew I was thinking about trying to get this if the FrankenBitsy option ever came back to Darling Clandestine. I love Cloudswing, and I liked MK, though I ended up getting rid of my bottle because I barely ever wore it. Together, they're a really interesting twist on a berry-lemon scent. I think mine needs to settle down a bit, though, since I slapped it on the day after it arrived. I have no perfume patience these days, it seems.

Any themes in your perfume choices these days?


  1. Ah I'm really glad you took time to write this post! Your writing style is always so lovely to read, it feels very personable and warm to me. Going for fruity scents lately, is that cause they feel a bit summery? I know I've felt that way when I put on Namaka lately! (Also Bobbi Brown Beach is probably my favorite mainstream scent oh my god, it's just so so spot-on and perfect.)

    1. Thanks Noon!

      I think fruity scents are an all the time thing for me, haha, but yes, I've been craving bright, fruity things for summer, even though it's been pretty dreary and cool here.

      I can feel the sand on my feet when I wear Beach, It's perfect.


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