Sunday, 28 June 2015

Darling Clandestine Summer

The nice thing about having been shopping indie perfume for a few years now, and having certain favourite companies is that for a lot of regular seasonal releases, I've tried most of the things that I'm interested in during past iterations. There might be one or two things that I haven't tried because they're new, or they weren't on my radar before. As my tastes develop over time, I find myself going back to scents I skipped over in years prior, and getting rid of scents that no longer fit me. This year, I was able to escape the Darling Clandestine summer release relatively unscathed: I had already tried or owned most of the ones that would interest me, and so I ended up picking out two solid perfumes, in Bitsy size: the one new perfume for summer, Homespun, and La La La...All Right, after seeing a number of favourable reviews for it. La La La...All Right was something I had skipped last year, but then several people said it smelled like rain/thunderstorm on a humid summer day, and so I decided to get it. 

I'm susceptible to a good review now and again, what can I say?

In addition to my solid bitsies, I was also sent another solid bitsy as a freebie, labelled Mystery Mix. I think it's a "suicide mix," where it's just a bunch of all the leftover bits of solids put in a pot and mixed together. This one is great - it changes so much during the wear and smells generally fresh and green and blue - but I'm not going to say much more about it other than I love the suicide mixes because I like to try and figure out the different parts.

The unwrapping. The candy is long gone.


Homespun is a fragrance that begins in the vein of Cloudswing, and then takes a tumble into dark woods, sprouting with lichens and morels and mint julep. 

The first thing I noticed about this one is that it seems to be a little softer than some of my other solids - it hasn't been very warm here overall, with only a handful of warm days scattered about - so it hasn't had much of a chance to melt. That said, I haven't had anything melt in my room yet despite the boiler levels of ridiculousness of my apartment year-round. In the tub, it smells like lemongrass, overwhelmingly so - it also reminded me of Cloudswing a bunch, and once I swiped it on my skin, it smelled almost identical to Cloudswing for approximately thirty seconds, before veering completely away from the sunny lemongrass of Cloudswing. The lemongrass steps away from being so bold and settles down to a mint-lemon scent, with a darker, woodsy background. It reminds me a little bit of a refreshing drink on a camping trip or hike. It's really interesting. I was initially pretty neutral about the scent, but it's been growing on me. It lasts about seven hours on my skin, fading to a soft lemon wood. The sillage is on the lower moderate side. 

La La La...All Right

La La La, All Right is a fragrance built on Rock'n'Roll. I went for sun-drenched summer breezes and road trips and rivers and cornfields and river and road. This is a very green, very dirty, earthy scent, with a similar accord to that of Fisticuffs, minus the sweetness.

This one is a fairly classic DC summer scent, but I'm surprised that I've skipped over it in the past, because it's definitely been available more than once over the year and a half I've been interested in DC fragrances. I did have a weird idea (and to some extent, still do, despite evidence to the contrary) that I don't like dirt notes and maybe that's why I ignored it. Anyway, I've rectified this problem. It smells very green and rainy in the tub, but on my skin becomes a humid summer scent, with a very warm air, muggy feel about it. Since I live on the Atlantic Ocean, I don't really have an issue with mugginess anymore and can enjoy the scent of it without feeling resentful. Or hot. It's got a very similar rainy feel to it as Monstre Delicat does, but La La La...All Right is grassier and dirtier. It reminds me of a hike near a grassy field, realizing it was going to storm and trying to race back to the car. It has that same electric feeling, that humid air, and that smell of rain. I love it. Why did I skip it for so long? Why did I almost consider skipping it again when I first read the summer release list? WRONG. The sillage is on the lower side, and it lasted about six hours on my skin.

I did that thing again, where I review things that are no longer available from the shop, but will probably come around again, and destashes are always around. But when they do re-emerge, you can find them at Darling Clandestine's Etsy shop.

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