Monday, 8 June 2015

Favourite Things: June 2015

The weather decided to drop back down below 10 degrees upon the beginning of June, and it's been a dreary cold week. (I know I talk about the weather a lot. I'm Canadian. It's basically the law that I cannot pass a day without talking to strangers about the weather. This stands in for unwanted small talk with strangers. What can I say, I'm standoffish, for a Maritimer.) In addition to the crappy weather, I've been having some mild vision issues and nothing irritates me more than a disagreement with my eyes about what function they should be performing (it's a lifelong battle to convince them that seeing is the appropriate course of action). Thus, I've been a delicate shade of blue for a couple of weeks now, and I thought a list of all the lovely little things that have cheered me this past week or so would be nice. 

1. A trip to JWD Books with my parents.

There is this fabulous bookstore in HRM - it used to be in downtown Halifax, but moved over to Dartmouth a few years ago - that is possibly my very favourite in the world. I haven't been to every single bookstore in the world, obviously, but this one is a true delight. They have floor to ceiling shelves of books, and books piled on the floor next to the shelves, and you can spend hours there. I certainly have. Since it moved to Dartmouth, though, getting there requires some planning on my part, because it's not a easy journey when you don't have a car. But when my parents were in town for my graduation, we went on a morning of Haligonian things, in which they talked about all the things that had existed there when they used to live here in the 1980s, and I told them that they were all gone. We finished wandering about the market, and I suggested we go over to JWD Books. They agreed. And they bought me some books. 

2. Finding Garrison Beer Soap.

I went downtown on Friday in search of a few things, and ducked into Pete's for a chocolatine and to try yet another imported pop (this time, Coca Cola Life). I then wandered to the health and beauty section, driven by the fact that we were out of bar soap (down to a bar filched from the hotel I stayed in at the end of April for a conference). I was delighted to come across a great variety of products from a variety of brands I've been interested in but thought I had no access to, but I was even more delighted to find some Garrison beer soap, which I decided to get two bars of for our next soaping adventures. Garrison is a local brewery that makes an excellent Raspberry Wheat Ale, and I'm also partial to Tall Ships.

3. Reading in the Public Gardens.

The Public Gardens is one of my favourite places in Halifax. Last summer I often went to eat my lunch there, as my library was so close. I never get tired of it. 

4. Ordering new furniture.

I really, really like furniture. I used to pour over the Ikea catalogue with my brother. And even though I don't love having to spend money on furniture to replace things that broke, I do love putting it together and arranging everything. My Ikea Alex drawers (so trendy, ugh! But I've searched high and low for an equivalent set at a reasonable price for years and finally had to give in when my stupid plastic drawers cracked) are set to arrive tomorrow and I am psyched.

5. My Darling Clandestine summer order arriving.

What could be happier that new perfume arriving, in adorable little plastic pots, with an envelope of candy and a surprise Mystery Mix?

6. Dairy free ice cream and waffle bowls.

While I continue to cut dairy from my diet (cheese, I just can't drop it) in order to keep from feeling ill all of the time, I knew that I couldn't survive summer without ice cream. So I've started to try various dairy-free ice creams, and am so far happily impressed, though the flavour selection is a bit lacking (I need some mint chocolate chip, guys). I might live after all. I also have been buying mini waffle bowls for our ice cream (my partner is still happily enjoying his real ice cream) because I actually don't really like cones, but I also don't like doing dishes. These help us not eat an entire container in one sitting, satisfy his need for cones and my need for bowls, and we have fewer dishes to do afterward. Plus they taste really good.

7. The Gilmore Girls reunion panel.

Despite the fact that the reunion panel a) did not announce the much-needed movie/Netflix season and b) there was no livestream of the event, such a panel can only be good for the show. And my feelings about it. My love for Gilmore Girls knows no bounds, really. I also apparently can't stop watching it, since I'm on viewing nine million of it. I go until I have all seven seasons committed to memory. Not quite there yet.

8. Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

This is an old photo I took of my new town, but double rainbows are happy.

I restarted my game a few months ago and have slowly been building my town. There's something very soothing about this game - picking fruit and collecting shells and fishing and catching bugs. It's fun and adorable.

9. This Joe Fresh shirt.

I couldn't get a picture of the whole shirt that looked half decent, so here's this great selfie that shows the best part, anyway: the sleeve design. The rest of the shirt is plain green.

One of the few downsides of living next to a small city Superstore is that there is no general merchandise and no Joe Fresh department. I love Joe Fresh - I used to shop their lines heavily when I worked for Superstore, and had my employee discount to use on them. I was in a different Superstore recently, and they had an absolutely massive Joe Fresh department, so I took a look, and ended up getting this shirt. There were many more tops that I wanted, but this one won the battle. 

10. Fruit wines.

I cheated - neither of these are fruit wines, but they looked nice with the ribbons. A graduation gift from my aunt and uncle.

I really like wine, and I really like fruit wine even more. Specifically cranberry wine, though I like a good apple wine. Though I don't say no to any kind of wine. Especially free wine.


  1. I was wondering if I would see you mentioning the Gilmore Girls reunion either here or on reddit and of course you came through!! I can't wait to see an updated post on your organization + vanity with your trendy Ikea Alex drawers :P

    1. It's a toss up as to what I love more, Gilmore Girls or apple one grievance with GG is that I can never make a custom based off it because a GG perfume would have to have coffee in it, and you know how I feel about coffee.

      Of course, because I wasn't lazing about the house in my robe into the afternoon, I am still waiting for FedEx to show up. I need to build things!

  2. Beer soap is awesome and that is such a cool, local find.

    1. I was really excited, especially since I was in the brewery store a few weeks ago and they don't sell it there, so it was totally unexpected. Can't wait to break into them!


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