Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Gasp! A Mainstream Makeup Review, featuring MAC

That's right, I'm going to talk about mainstream things. Like things I went into the store for and bought (actually, this was a gift to me, and it was purchased online with a free express shipping code so it arrived the next day and no one actually put on pants to get these. So maybe that was a bad statement). Things that I didn't have to personally import into Canada. I must on some kind of list by now - the list of people who online shop from small boutiques in the United States and have way too much coming in the mail to them. 

But here's the thing: while I love my indies and they dominate most of my makeup and 99% of my perfume, I use mainstream makeup. I buy it, I wear it. Of the few lipsticks proper that I do own, most of them are MAC. So let's talk about the two new ones I have. 

L-R: Viva Glam VI, Fashion Force

I picked Viva Glam VI and a Huggable lip colour in Fashion Force. I picked Viva Glam VI because it looked like a nice everyday lipstick that I could wear to work, at home, whatever. I picked Fashion Force because I was reading good things about the Huggable line and I thought I should get one while they were still around. I picked the specific colour based off of some swatches of all the available ones- enough to add some colour to my lips and be interesting. Plus I've been looking for a sheer lipstick since there's so many right now, and it seemed like the one for me, formula, colour, and pricewise (because it's important to not abuse others' generosity too much). I've worn both a handful of times now, and while I'm pleased with both, I'm more deeply in love with Fashion Force. People were not joking about the Huggable formula. It's amazing. 

L-R: two swipes Viva Glam VI, one swipe Viva Glam VI, two swipes Fashion Force, one swipe Fashion Force

Bare lips, for your reference.

One coat of Viva Glam VI.

Two coats of Viva Glam VI.

Viva Glam VI is described as as a "terracotta plum with pearl." It's got a lustre finish, which I know a lot of other people don't like but (don't shoot me) I do. It's got the vanilla cupcakes MAC scent, and it's moderately comfortable to wear. Since it's only a bit darker than my lips, it doesn't leave a stain  It doesn't stand up to a meal, but oh well. Because it's more of a neutral lip colour, I find it easy to apply, which appeals very much to my lipstick laziness. All in all, it's pretty solid, and I like it. I do have to wear it over my usual lip balm, though, because it's not especially moisturizing and my lips seem to think that the Atlantic coast is the desert. But without the lip balm, my lips have muddled through. 

One coat of Fashion Force.

Two coats of Fashion Force.

The Huggable formula is described thusly "A comforting, creamy formula in shades that stay luminous for up to six hours. This lasting lipstick with rich, glossy shine boosts collagen, leaving lips looking smooth, supple, sculpted. The unique gel base melts upon contact, allowing each shade to glide on effortlessly with a feather-light moisturizing finish." I have rather negative associations with anything mentioning collagen so it's probably a good thing I didn't read this before buying (Go look up corneal collagen crosslinking. I'll wait. To this day I can't think of anything else, even though I know collagen is a large part of the structure of connective tissues all over the body). It does have a gel feeling, is very comfortable to wear, and delivers a lovely wash of colour. It fades to leave a stain after some time. Fashion Force is described as "soft tangerine orange" though I think it pulls rather red on me (as most coral-ish colours do), and leaves a pinky stain. It's also my new favourite lip colour. It can be built up, but feels quite a but heavier and stickier, and I feel like one swipe is enough. Also that whole sheer lipstick thing.

If I was forced to choose, I would tell you get to get Fashion Force. It's awesome and supposedly back for only a limited time, whereas Viva Glam VI is available all the time. MAC should really make the Huggable line available all the time  it's quite popular and I think it might even be worth the $24 Canadian they charge for it.

And a bonus shot even though I was not having a good photography day. 

I chose to wear Fashion Force (again), with my usual face products: Fyrinnae powder primer, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, NARS concealer stick in Chantilly, Shiro Fatality finishing powder, Pumpkin & Poppy Oak Bark contouring powder, and Tarte blush in Thankful. On my eyes, I used NARS Smudgeproof primer, Shiro The Truth (browbone), Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow inScratch (lid), Sephora Colourful Eyeshadow - Shimmer  in Snakeskin Dress, and Fyrinnae Bawdy Librarian mixed with Darling Girl Superstar Serum for the eyeliner. Brows are set with Essence clear mascara, and lashes have a coat of Benefit Roller Lash mascara.


  1. Fashion Force looks great on you!

    1. Thanks! I'm crazy about it. If that wasn't clear already!

  2. Yes, Huggables! I'm a big fan. It's taking all of my will power not to buy the entire collection. I got Flaming Lips (one of the reds). Both colours here look great on you!

    1. Thank you!

      I'm trying very, very hard to not race over to MAC and buy all of them. And today's e-mail came with a free shipping code too...NO. I will stand strong!


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