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Haunt Beguiling Bath and Body: Summer 2014

I have been sitting on this review since last September, in hopes that I could simply post it when Haunt announced their next sale. Unfortunately, Haunt has remained closed since the summer overstock sale last August, and so I've finally decided to just post this to get it off of my plate (and maybe it will be some sort of trigger for Haunt to open again. I need some more. Like Fern and Elf. Seriously, if you are reading this and have Fern and Elf in any form that you want to get rid of, name your price. I will buy it).

This review is about things that are not available and may never be available again, save for destashes - though even those have dried up as of late. You might want to skip this. I won't take it personally.

I was first alerted to Haunt last summer, when an announcement of their summer sale was posted in /r/Indiemakeupandmore. I skipped it, after reading comments about how limited it was, and carried on my merry way. But then reviews started trickling in...and they were all positive, even from the harshest of critics. Furthermore, every scent sounded fruity and wonderful. I started to feel a lot of regret. But! Then I was alerted to the fact that they often have overstock sales after sales, and I immediately planned to scoop some things up in that. I decided to only pick up one perfume oil and one skin glossing oil. FOOL.

I fell in love. For a few months after that, I stalked destashes in order to scoop up more scents. I posted increasingly desperate and slightly shameful requests for certain scents. In the end, I ended up with four perfume oils, one lip balm, one skin glossing oil (and much more recently, a friend gifted me another bottle of the same skin glossing oil, long after I had finished the first one), and two sample size skin glossing oils. But my Haunt hunger has not been satiated. I want it all.

Haunt is a store that is open periodically for limited seasonal sales, which was a choice made by the owner to accommodate her personal life and obligations. There is no general catalogue, so if you miss a seasonal sale, you're out of luck. She has been very quiet for many months now, after announcing that there would be no fall sale. I hope she is well, and may return at some point. Till then, here are my thoughts on four of last summer's scents, and the skin glossing oil. 

Fairground & Fireworks

Freshly squeezed lemonade sweetened with blackberry syrup and a wisp of fairy floss

This is the only perfume oil I bought directly from Haunt. I'm not quite sure why I ended up choosing this one, other than Legend was not available as perfume oil in the overstock sale. Perhaps I forsaw that come June of 2015, I would have a desperate need for lemonade perfumes - which is my latest fixation. It'll pass. In the bottle, it's quite sweet, a bright lemonade with syrupy blackberries and a touch of cotton candy sweetness. I have a pathological hatred of anything cotton candy in real life (if I wanted to eat a sugared cotton ball...ugh, that texture), but this is only a dab, and the airy, candy sweetness seems to fit. It's not quite as sweet on my skin as it is in the bottle. It becomes a little tangier, but remains otherwise the same. It's very feminine, and bright and sweet. The sillage, however, is not very strong, hugging quite close to the skin, and its longevity is not that great either, clocking in at about four hours on my skin. To be expected, I guess. The notes are light and fruity.


The scent of apple orchards and dandelion fluff in the air, warm chamomile tea, linden blossoms, dried apricot, blue tansy, sweet clover, and rock moss

I knew I would love Legend after I read all of the reviews of it. The notes are practically a list of all that I love in an apple scent: apples and fresh greens. When I got the skin glossing oil, I sprayed it on and I knew. I needed the perfume of this. Fortunately for me, Working With Monolids saw my desperate pleas and offered to sell me her bottle, just as I had resigned myself to committing to a life of tracking it down via stalking and burglary. Legend, in the bottle, is a crisp, fresh apple scent, with lots of sunny greens and something that smells a bit like lemon in the background. On my skin, it remains much the same: a wonderful apple orchard. It reminds me of picking apples off of the tree in my parents' backyard. The smell of sunshine, apples and grass have all been captured by this scent. Once again, the sillage is pretty low, though it's a little bit stronger than Fairgrounds & Fireworks. It lasts about six hours on my skin.


White melon, spiced coconut milk, sandalwood, myrrh, and golden amber

I snapped this one up in a destash sale. I was kind of wary about the sandalwood, since I traditionally do not get along very well with many sandalwood notes. But I was blinded by my need for Haunt scents, and I went with it anyway. I don't like this one half as much as Legend and Fairgrounds & Fireworks, but I'm nuts about those two. Dragonfly is simply very lovely and nice, and a very cool scent. I like it very much, but my excitement for this one is a bit more tempered. It's a cool melon scent in the bottle, with the faintest whisp of coconut. On my skin, it's a little richer, with a base of something ever so slightly spiced and coconut-y, but it remains mainly a melon scent, leaning more toward the cantaloupe side of things. It's very cool and refreshing. The sillage on this is low, but the scent lasts a good seven hours on me - the longest of any of my Haunt scents.

Mother of Pearl

Pink watermelon slices, Tahitian vanilla bean, jasmine sambac absolute, pink pepper, sea water, Egyptian musk and driftwood

This was another one I snagged in a destash. I like this one quite a lot - it reminds me of those sour watermelon candies, which are some of my favourite. This is like an adult version, with a fun sour sweetness and a depth that rounds it out. In the bottle, it smells like sour watermelon candies, plus a deeper, peppery base. This one does morph quite a lot as it dries down, starting out as the candy, and darkening as time passes, eventually fading to a soft aquatic scent. It's very interesting, and I wasn't too sure about how well I'd like that aspect, but I actually really like it. The sillage for this at first is moderate, but it hugs closer as the scent shifts from watermelon candies to ocean. It lasted about five hours on my skin.

Skin Glossing Oil

Skin Glossing Oil is a light, sprayable blend of elegant oils and moisture retaining extracts for soft and shimmering skin.

As mentioned above, I'm on my second bottle of Legend skin glossing oil - I also got sample versions of Apricot Fairy Floss and Coconut Cream & Peaches. I think the skin glossing oil is the standout item of Haunt's offerings, though to be fair, I haven't tried the soaps or scrubs. It's a wonderfully scented, wonderfully moisturizing oil spray. You do have to be careful about how and where you spray it because of that, but once it soaks into your skin (for me, about ten minutes), it leaves enough scent to act as a perfume, as well as leaving soft skin. I used this very liberally on my legs this past winter, and it was a godsend. You know, until I ran out. And now I have more! That I will carefully hoard. 

If there was a difference between the Legend perfume oil and the skin glossing oil in terms of fragrance, I didn't notice it.

I love all of these scents. They're wonderfully fruity and sweet, which is basically everything I ever want in scents. Which is why I periodically check the Haunt Facebook page just in case some news has popped up that hasn't made it to my inbox via the e-mail newsletter. 

You can check out the website here, and join the rest of us in wishing silently (or not so silently) for more Haunt.


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