Friday, 12 June 2015

Solitary Scrutiny: Midsummer Dreams Apothecary Mermaid

Welcome to the second week of my Solitary Scrutinies. It's about nine thousand degrees today, so I had to take out the ancient box fan I inherited from my parents - I think they wanted to get rid of it because it's really, really ugly and it's coming up on its 35th birthday - and I once again considered chopping off all of my hair. 

This week I don't have any annoying pictures of trees for you to have to scroll through before getting to the review, but I am going to blather for a little bit: you may have noticed that I haven't shared many makeup looks lately here or on Instagram (not that I've ever shared a ton), due to the fact that I've only been wearing one contact for about three weeks now, and one-eyed makeup doing is a touch more difficult than I'd like. My one-eyed life does have an end point, however. I just don't quite know when it is yet. I've been fitted for mini-scleral contact lenses, and in a few weeks, should have them in hand. Until I learn to manage with them, eye makeup and I will be taking some time apart. Or at least minimal eye makeup. Anyway, mini-sclerals are going to change my life in many, many ways, including correcting me to 20/20, which is pretty rad. So that's my good news for the week. 

Onto the scent!

I got this bottle of Midsummer Dreams Apothecary's Mermaid as part of a gift exchange. I previously had a solid of it, but it lost its potency over time, and so I tossed it, intending to pick up a perfume oil version later. I still hadn't when the exchange came around, so I put it on my wish list, along with the other scents I originally had solids of, which I reviewed here. Mermaid ended up being my absolute favourite of those scents, so I was really happy when I got this 5ml rollerball (MDA offers scents in 30ml, 10ml, 5ml, 1ml sample sizes, and the standard lip balm tube solids) in my exchange. The bottles and art are also very beautiful, and I like the fairy tale aesthetic.

A blend of sweet vanilla, sea salt, and calming lotus blossom is accompanied by the Hawaiian puakenikeni flower and rounded out with elegant gardenia. This blend is delicate and feminine and smells like a seaside garden on a breezy, spring day.

I'm not much for florals, but this is a stunning creamy floral with a touch of sea salt to make it interesting. In the bottle, it's a beautiful tropical floral with a touch of pure, true vanilla. It gets a tiny bit saltier and creamier on my skin but otherwise doesn't morph that much. The gardenia isn't very dominant - it mostly just adds to the creaminess of it. This scent has excellent sillage in oil form, on the higher end of moderate, and tends to last about twelve hours on my skin, with minimal fading till about eight hours in. I know I don't typically like florals, but I love this one. It's beautiful and has enough vanilla to tone down the floral aspects, but still retains a floral character. It's just lovely, and remains my favourite floral.

You can check out Midsummer Dreams Apothecary here.


  1. This is so funny. I picked up my Mermaid 5ML this morning. It's a chilly, raining New England day and I was longing for the breezy spring garden mentioned here. And then I saw your review when I went through my blog role when I got to my computer. Very ironic. :) I wish perfume could change the weather along with the way it changes your mood. Magical thinking to the max, I know, but....

    1. If only it could! I would have melted so many snowbanks by now.


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