Friday, 5 June 2015

Solitary Scrutiny: Smelly Yeti Paradisio

Sometimes I find myself with an item that I want to talk about but it doesn't fit anywhere. I may have ordered it by itself, it may have been a random sample, it might be long discontinued, whatever. So I've decided to start reviewing some of these one-off things every week, on Fridays. Or Saturdays if I'm being slow. 

This week: Smelly Yeti Paradisio. This is from the Bosch trio that was released shortly before the store went on hiatus (but they're opening again this weekend). This has apple in it, so I decided that I needed a full size of it unsniffed, as I so often do. This is how I live on the edge. It's also perfect for a bright, sunny spring day. I went on a jaunt to the Public Gardens today and it fit perfectly. Also, while I posted a couple of these on Instagram, I really just wanted to have a reason to put these pictures on here. You're welcome.

Okay, back to Paradisio. There's a cool story that goes with the notes, but unfortunately, I only have the notes that I picked out from the story and I kind of hope that they're right. They could not be right. Who knows? (We'll know when the site reopens.)

Lilac, lilies, apple blossoms, warm air, apple

In the bottle, this smells strongly of apples, with a touch of floral. It's a sweeter apple, rather than a crisp one. It's very feminine. On my skin, it loses the sweetness and becomes more of an apple-lilac scent. It's very fresh, and well balanced. I don't typically love florals, as evidenced by this entire blog, but I do have a soft spot for lilacs, and the florals here blend well with the apple. It's a great scent. I'm a huge fan - I keep reaching for this one when I'm supposed to be testing other things. It's also got great sillage, definitely on the higher moderate side. I could feel a soft little cloud of it around me. It's not overpowering, though, which is a huge concern for me. The staying power is not super long, but I got a solid five to six hours out of it each time I've worn it. 

This perfume has also turned me into a bit of a slatherer: the glass wand makes it perfect for that, and I kind of want to douse my body in this. Because apples. But seriously, this is one of the loveliest scents I have picked up this year, and I really do recommend it. It's the perfect marriage of florals and fruit.

When Smelly Yeti reopens, you can check out her website here

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  1. I'm a fan of Bosch's paintings and will have to try this.


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