Sunday, 26 July 2015

Adventures in Highlighting, or How to Buy Things You'll Never Use (featuring HelloWaffle)

I actually voluntarily purchased sample bags recently. 

One of these sample bags happened to be highlighter. 

I don't know what's wrong with me.

I made a small order from HelloWaffle a couple of months ago - it is possible there was a sale, though I no longer have the e-mail invoice and I don't remember - to nab some of the new lip products and a few samples. I got the new lip balm, called a Wafflebalm in Mango, Peaches and Cream, the new version of Ginger Kitties tinted lip balm, and sample bags of Midna (highlighter) and Snow Castle (blush). 

Two of these things make perfect sense, right? Lip products. I love lip products! I have a need for many lip balms and an obsession with tinted lip balms. I like blush, but I usually buy larger sizes of it. When it comes to indie blushes, though, a full size is basically a lifetime supply of blush. So I went with a sample size of the blush because I already have enough blush for several lifetimes. 

But highlighter...

I don't wear highlighter. I don't own any highlighter - in fact, I got rid of some ancient Benefit mini highlighters a while ago because I never used them. I don't know what happened, though. Suddenly everyone was talking about HelloWaffle highlighters, and I don't know, I just wanted to try one. I suddenly wanted glowy skin? Okay then. I went with Midna, because it's been pretty well reviewed. 

When my order arrived, I sat carefully at the table, armed with the plastic pots I grabbed at the drugstore and a pair of scissors and carefully put my brand-new samples into the jars so that I could avoid dealing with bags. And then I stared at Midna some more. 

While I was contemplating it, I made use of the other things I got. 

Ginger Kitties

One swipe on top, two on the bottom

An orange-toned peach. Plush. Creamy yet opaque.

Ginger Kitties is a reformulation of a balm that was sold when HelloWaffle was first opened. The balm formula has been through a few iterations now, and I really like this latest one. The lip colour one gave good colour, but I wouldn't call it a lip balm since it wasn't moisturizing at all. This balm formula is really nice. Very smooth, very nice to use, and the colour payoff is perfect with this one: bright colour and easy to apply. I like the slimline tube. It's also been subject to some temperature fluctuations over the last few months and it doesn't seem to have affected the balm in any noticeable way. 

Bare lips for reference

One coat of Ginger Kitties

The big test for lip products is how well they hold up in my non-air conditioned apartment. It's becoming more common for people in Atlantic Canada to put AC in their homes, but I rent and so I don't have it. Alas, I must continue to melt as I have for the previous twenty-three summers. I have a pretty low heat tolerance. Kind of like some lipsticks.

Ginger Kitties does tend to highlight my laziness, though: if I haven't exfoliated my lips beforehand, you can tell. Oh boy, you can tell. 


I picked Mango, Peaches and Cream as my flavour, though there are a few others, including Belgian Waffles, which smells like waffles and maple syrup. And I will be getting it, not only because the scent will go with my recently acquired Bite Maple lipstick, but also because I'm definitely buying another one of these. I've used the tube about halfway now, and I love this balm. It might even challenge my beloved Haus of Gloi lip balms. It's very plush, very moisturizing, and glides right on. The scent isn't super strong - I find Mango, Peaches and cream to be heavier on the mango, and a tad artificial - and dissipates quickly, which is nice. 

Snow Castle

Light pink shimmer, rubs on with a blue glow. 

HelloWaffle blushes are one of my favourite indie blush formulas, and Snow Castle has been raved about, so I was excited to try it. I'm glad I only got a sample, because this is not really spectacular on me, somewhat surprisingly. It blends out a little too well on my face and ends up looking invisible. While I do like all that is subtle and natural-looking, this is too sheer on my face. Looks nice on my arm, though.

Maybe arm blush should become a thing. With lots of setting spray.


Cream coloured shimmery gold. Darker and creamier (less sparkly!) than Golden Veil. 

This is a beautiful colour. I love it. I just don't know how I feel about it on my face. It can be applied with a light hand to make it nice and subtle, but since my instincts tell me to mattify the hell out of my face, I am still slightly resistant. The good thing is that I tend not to notice it that much after I get over the fact that it's not something that I tend to wear, ever, after I've put it on. Is highlighter going to become part of my regular makeup? I'm not sure. I'm leaning toward no. 

Midna on my cheekbones, Snow Castle for blush, and Pumpkin & Poppy Oak Bark for contour

See? Nice and subtle. It's actually quite nice on me, even though it goes against my instincts. 

You can check out HelloWaffle here. I will be off contemplating Midna...and thinking about getting Lavender Cream. 


  1. I'm glad to hear the balms are no longer melty. My older tube of Ginger Kitties melted when I left it under my desk's lights. I shall be trying the Wafflebalm someday.

    1. They've got a good, stable texture. It's great.


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