Saturday, 18 July 2015

Solitary Scrutiny: Shiro Quit Playing Games With My Carter lip gloss

My partner is away this weekend, so I can properly blare Backstreet Boys while writing this review. 

My absolute favourite 90s boy band is the Backstreet Boys. My parents gave me Millennium for Christmas (on cassette, of course. I miss my Sony Walkman. It mysteriously vanished a few years ago and I'm still upset) and that album remains one of my very favourite guilty pleasures, though the cassette has long since been given away. I've been trying to avoid buying things based on name/fandom/anything that has little to do with how little I would wear it. 

But when Shiro released The Battle of the Boy Bands collections, something in me that seemed very similar to an eight year old listening to "I Want It That Way" over and over again on her cassette player who NEEDED something Backstreet Boys themed. Somehow, that eight year old got a hold of my Paypal account and ordered me the Quit Playing Games With My Carter lip gloss. Fortunately, she resisted everything else and I only ended with this gloss. Because I do not need blush or highlighters or anything *NSYNC themed (Sorry, Justin). 

Now, Quit Playing Games With My Heart is my least favourite Backstreet Boys song, but Nick Carter is my favourite Backstreet Boy. I'm pretty conflicted about this pun. Everyone knows that I Want It That Way is the best Backstreet Boys song, but since that's the name of the collection, couldn't Nick have been integrated into another, better song?

I have a lot of feelings about the Backstreet Boys and I really need to stop.

Rich fuschia-toned pink gloss with a soft golden shimmer. Slightly more than moderate opacity. Someone must have Nick’d my heart, because I’m bleeding love!

Flavor: Sweet peppy strawberry.

One swipe on my arm.

Bare lips for reference.

One coat of Quit Playing Games With My Carter.

Two coats.

This gloss is a touch too bright for my usual tastes, but it's a pretty colour. Like anything really pink, it tends to pull very bright, in-your-face pink. It also smells like strawberry candy. It doesn't bleed or seem streaky, and wears really well. It stains my lips a bright pink. This is probably my first Shiro gloss that strays into the opaque territory, since I usually like mine to moderate so I can build up or sheer out, as needed. It feels a bit thicker than my other glosses, probably for that reason. It's also fussier to apply, because the colour can get everywhere with the doefoot. My laziness objects to this, though it really wasn't that bad.

I'm not sure I really like the golden shimmer. Up close, it's really pretty, but becomes a little metallic further away. 

I like this gloss okay. I probably wouldn't buy it again if I could go back and wrest my Paypal from the eight year old that took over my body, but I'm not regretting it.

If you're interested in revisiting the 90s, you can find all of the Battle of the Boy Bands collection at Shiro's website.

And you can listen to the entirety of Millennium here

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