Saturday, 1 August 2015

Solitary Scrutiny: Arcana Avalon

Here in Canada-land, it's a long weekend, and so I am writing this while sitting in my parents' much cooler living room (my own is basically a sauna between May and September). I came home last night, and we spent most of the day in Fredericton, visiting one of my brothers for a birthday lunch. It was very warm, and I realized how spoiled I've been in Halifax, where makeup doesn't melt off your face and you don't wake up feeling like you slept inside a hellfire. I've taken to hiding by fans and glowering at sunlight already.

This week's scrutiny is Arcana Avalon. Avalon is part of the Arcana general collection so it's usually pretty easy to find, and if you can't find it, it'll be back soon. (Edit, August 6/15: Avalon is being discontinued due to ingredient unavailability.) I don't know why it took me so long to acquire it, exactly - it's absolutely in my scent preferences. I think I was caught up in the new collections and then I had to get the Summer Cravings (which I'm going to write about soon and make you and I both sad about their limited nature and crazy popularity). However, in my quest to amass some bottles of the Cravings, I decided to pick up Strawberries Crave Rhinestones, the Rhinestone Housewife Summer Cravings exclusive, because I has originally skipped it when picking decants and then, saw some reviews that changed my mind. When I went to order it, I had to make that pesky international shipping worth my while, so I picked up Avalon.

A harmonious blend of fresh apples, green herbs, and wildflowers, in homage to the ancient Celtic version of the gloriously sweet hereafter: a happy land of apple orchards and perpetual soft summer days. 

In the bottle, this is a beautiful apple scent, herbal and crisp, with fields of grass. On my skin, it remains much the same, though it gets more of a rain tinge - like an apple orchard in a light summer rain. It's lovely. It reminds me a lot of OHWTO Bitten, which I wanted to love, because it was a rainy apple orchard scent, but it also had the deathly honey in it, and so I couldn't really love Bitten, because there was always the evil powder of honey lying in wait to destroy my life and happiness.

That was a tad melodramatic, but I really don't like honey. I don't even eat it.

Avalon is a beautiful green floral, with apples and rain on me. It's quietly perfect: I'm not going to shout from rooftops about it, but it's a good, solid dependable scent. The sillage is moderate, and the scent lasted about eight hours on my skin. 

Have a wonderful long weekend, my fellow Canadians. May you enjoy Natal Day/New Brunswick Day/generic Civic Holiday. If you don't have a long weekend, have an excellent regular one.

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