Thursday, 20 August 2015

Violette Market State Fair 2015

Summer, you're coming to an end. But I'm on a roll here, because these scents are still around. Imagine that. This was my other impulse decant circle - I haven't tried a ton of Violette Market, but I decided I was going to, I guess. I joined up late, so there weren't many slots left open in the circle, and I ended up skipping some that I thought looked interesting. 

This was a interesting, gourmand, mixed bag. I'm not sure there was enough here for me to get an impression of Violette Market, but I will say I'm lukewarm. There's just so much perfume to try! And I've decided this summer that I'd rather tighten up the list of brands that I like to follow, and then maybe pick one new one a quarter or something to try out? I don't know, I'm still working on my plan. If the post-grad life wasn't so up in the air right now, I could make decisions! 

Banana Split Splat

With notes of: Vanilla and chocolate ice cream, ripe bananas, pineapple chunks, red cherries, crunchy nuts, and a waffle cone meet an untimely death to the hot asphalt concrete. As the melted decadance forms a pool of cream it mingles with dark patchouli, aged black vetiver, and trickster resins that echo like clown laughter from the nearby funhouse.

In the vial, this smells like a banana and peanut butter sandwich, which is my mother's favourite kind of sandwich. I don't really like them, something I don't think she's ever quite figured out. That, and my love for perfume and makeup and my piercings and my wardrobe and my life...basically, my mother and I are very different people. We get along pretty well, though. Once I put it on, there's a whiff of fake, candy banana, and then it morphs into vanilla ice cream, chocolate, a hint of waffle cone and a ton of peanuts. So many peanuts. I don't get any fruit from this. I like it, but I would worry about smelling too much like peanuts in public places. The sillage is on the lower side, and it lasted about five hours on my skin.


With notes of: Vanilla musk, golden caramel, spiced cherry accord, wild raspberry, vetiver, black leather, clouds of sweet smoke, flashing red and pink lights, moving ladders, and distorted mirrors. 

Well, what does a distorted mirror smell like? These are the questions I need answered and why I try so many perfumes. I need to smell it all (though maybe not anything with roses). In the vial, this smells mostly like syrupy sweet cherry, with something harsh in the back - like burning wood and a slightly plasticky leather (leather notes almost never work well for me). On my skin, it's a smoother, creamier scent, but the cherry still dominates. It doesn't go full on cough syrup on me, but it gets pretty close. It's a bit cloying to my nose. I didn't really get much other than cherry, just a slightly creamy, syrupy cherry. The sillage was on the lower side and it lasted about nine hours on my skin

Little Greece

With notes of: Mediterranean refreshments galore! Individual Greek honey pots, caramelized pastries, orange blossom water, candied violets, creamed vanilla custard, sugared strawberries, Moroccan black figs, and salted lime and grapefruit rind.

This smells like candy. Like fancy candy - something foreign and above my socioeconomic status. It's sweet and creamy and tangy and just really delicious. However, this scent has almost no sillage on me and almost no staying power. I do typically like my scents to stay close to my skin, but this is kind of too much for me. While I want to love this, the drawbacks are just too large. 

Little Marrakesh Night Market

With notes of: Creeping moss, pink carnation, grey vanilla, civet, ambergris, dusty patchouli, Egyptian musk, dark myrrh, and tobacco smoke rings.

It smells...perfume-y in the vial. But not department store perfume, like one of those little shops that sell lots of incense and jewellery and clothing and often have books about spirituality. It reminds me of the one I used to frequent in high school - they had amazing jewellery, seriously. It's moved a few times since then. I ought to hunt it up. Anyway, it smells of dried flowers and herbs, and musks, and wood, and incense. On my skin, it is much the same, but really, really strong. My partner asked if I was trying to kill him...from the other room. He did also say it smelled like cinnamon or ginger. His nose is off. It fades to a soft floral incense, though the sillage remains fairly high for about four hours. It lasted about nine hours on my skin.

No knockouts here - I wish I had tried a few others from this year's State Fair collection, but that's what I get for being late to the decant circle. You can check out Violette Market here.

Also: totally skipping Solitary Scrutiny this week because I'm going camping right after work tomorrow. It will be excellent. (And not conducive to blogging. But is conducive to taking pictures of things like rocks, trees, and bodies of water. As I do so well.) 

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