Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Summer Favourites

The AC/DC concert was absolutely fantastic, though I'm pretty sure it was fantastic for reasons other than AC/DC, who (let's face it) are really old. In fact, the pauses between songs was so long, we thought they were getting oxygen (we couldn't see the stage very well from the yard, but the sound was perfect). Anyway, such a glorious weekend of family, friends, food, booze, bonfires and hot tubs reminded me of other wonderful things this summer, and so here we are. 


This was last summer, but I don't have any pictures of me in the water this summer. 

I love swimming. Maybe you caught that from my user name. But I tend to be fairly sensitive to chlorine, so I stay out of community pools as much as possible. Which severely curtails my swimming. However, in the summer, I can hit up beaches and get my dose of swimming. It's never enough, but I do what I can. 

I don't have an issue with cold water (beyond the initial shock, and depending on the time of year, inevitability of hypothermia), so I tend to prefer the ocean. I like to jump right in - I still dash into the water as soon as I can when on a beach. The arrival of September marks the coming end of the swimming season, though I'll still wade into the water into November, because I live on the edge. And I love water.  My partner, on the other hand, hates cold water and so I have to choose warm ocean beaches or lakes to try and coax him in. 

The only fly in the honey of this year's swimming is realizing that all of my bikini tops are too small. Bloody typical. 

Summer Perfumes

L-R: Arcana Apples Crave Apples, Arcana Strawberries Crave Helios, Sixteen92 Theda, Darling Clandestine Arylide, Darling Clandestine Mare Desiderii, Darling Clandestine MorderKloud (FrankenBitsy), One Hand Washes the Other Mango Brulee, Sunsets and Seas Breezes

I don't know what it was this summer, but I have had some excellent luck in coming across some really great scents. Was everyone just hitting it out of the ballpark? Or have I finally gotten enough experience with oils, my preferences and my skin chemistry to pick scents that really suit me? Probably both.

Really, though, there some simply fantastic scents that came across my nose, and so I think this has been my favourite season yet. 

Apple Nachos

This was part of the AC/DC weekend, but came after, as people started to depart, and only a few of us remained the evening after. A few weeks prior, my partner's mother made these and his sister posted it on Facebook, leading to a chorus of "HEY I WANT THOSE" from various people who were going to be there for the concert, including me. So my MIL, bless her, made us some on Sunday night and they are magnificent. Plus they have apples in them, so totally healthy, right?

My partner's youngest cousin, who is four, also loved them. He told me that they were his absolute favourite. I concur.

For those curious, this is the recipe.

Tinted balms in non-traditional colours

It look more purple in real life: Kae Q Beso in Caimito

A few layers of Carambola.

I finally stuck a toe over the line into non-rosy neutral lip colours this summer, and as it turns out, I like them, provided that they're subtle. Kae Q's Beso balms/lipsticks/whatever you want to call them are really working for me. I guess purple isn't too far out of the box, but I rarely wear purple lip colours, for all that I think Performance Colors Vertigo is flattering on me. Yellow is out of the box, however, and I'm still a little uncertain about how that happened, but I love it.


Summer isn't really complete with a good fire, a beer in your hand, and s'mores. I love toasting marshmallows over the fire. It's probably the only time I ever eat anything marshmallow, and I typically make my s'mores with these No Name chocolate covered mint cookies - very similar to the Girl Guide fall cookies (aside: in Canada, there are two kinds of Girl Guide cookies. The fall ones, which are similar to the Thin Mints in the US, and the spring cookies, which are vanilla creme sandwich cookies and chocolate creme sandwich cookies, which suck. The fall ones are the best) for a delicious mint chocolate s'more. 

The smell of woodsmoke reminds me of many other fires, and many other evenings - always with a changing crew of friends and family, but always fun. 

Good-bye, summer. Thank you for not being quite so hot this year.

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