Thursday, 14 April 2016

Limnit Lipsticks in Goodness Graycious, Olly Olly Oxen Free and What Lies Beneath

Things that are rare in the indie cosmetic world: lipstick. Things that are even rarer: lipsticks in actual bullets. Limnit arrived to a lot of fanfare when they opened, but I was several months out from even wanting to wear lipstick at that point, and they were billed as semi-matte, which also sent me screaming in the other direction. Plus there were so many colours! so bright! so not my aesthetic! I passed. But people kept talking about them and swatching them, and I finally took a long enough look to realize that there were colours that I would actually wear interspersed with the more unusual colours. However, while I deliberated over purchasing, Limnit announced they were temporarily pulling their lipstick tubes from the shop while they worked to fix some issues with the formula in tube form. For several months, the mini jars were the only forms sold in the shop. And that wasn't going to cut it for me - I don't like using lip brushes. With the promise of lipstick tubes, I waited. And waited. And probably would have broken if I didn't harbour such a fierce hatred of lip brushes and once I looked at the shipping to Canada, I decided that I could wait. And that there HAD to be a cheaper way. So both times I've ordered from Limnit, my dear friend Rae (impossiblethingsbeforebrkfst on Instagram; her makeup is fabulous) has graciously allowed me to use her mailbox and has forwarded my lipsticks onto Canada with other things that have obnoxiously high shipping to Canada. 

L-R: Goodness Graycious, Olly Olly Olly Oxen Free, What Lies Beneath

I haven't really paid attention to timely TAT and shipping in the case of Limnit, because I wasn't expecting to get them much later. That said, I checked back in my Etsy order history and they did ship within TAT and arrived in a timely manner to Rae's house and I've never had to contact Limnit with concerns, so call it a standard shopping experience. I know one of the things that people like about indies is that they can e-mail the shop and interact with the owner and personal interaction and all that, but I've personally never cared for that. I like conducting all of my shopping in the same way: with as minimal contact as possible. If I have to contact someone, we have a problem. Anyway. Both orders arrived with a small clamshell sample of another colour from their line, and yes, I did actually try to use a lip brush on them. The formula is easy to work with using a brush, in case you aren't as prissy as I am about needing a bullet.

Billed as "Limnit Lipsticks are vegan, opaque, semi-matte, creamy, highly pigmented, and non-drying with great staying power," the lipsticks are pretty great. I'd say they lean on the side of being a bit glossier than maybe one would expect from a semi-matte formula, but matter formulas are not my friend (or anyone's, really, but I know I'm off-trend here). They are opaque and smooth, easy to wear, and the not-freaky colours fade well and evenly, despite my constant snacking and penchant for eating bacon and eggs at my desk. Easily one of my best indie finds of 2015 (since you know, that's when I actually ordered my first two). For my first order in October, I decided to get Olly Olly Oxen Free, an oxblood, and Goodness Graycious, a bold grey lipstick. Goodness Graycious is one of those colours you look at and love - it has the distinction of looking good on a lot of people, as evidenced by the plethora of swatches on reddit's Indiemakeupandmore. And I did fall under its spell, even though you know I try to be the most boring person ever, makeup-wise. But something about it pulled me in. 

Top to bottom: Goodness Graycious, Olly Olly Oxen Free, What Lies Beneath

The third one I ordered was What Lies Beneath, a plum-brown-red. I've talked about my lust for NARS 413 BLKR before, but the logistics of trying to get it to northern New Brunswick seemed a little too much for one lipstick. One very expensive lipstick, particularly while the dollar is down. I came across What Lies Beneath while flipping through the newer shades in Limnit's catalogue. The colour seemed close enough to what I was looking for, and I remembered that I actually had a sample of it. I pulled the sample out, and fell in love.

The lipstick tubes are black plastic with a clear ring where you can see the bullet colour. They're fairly light, but don't feel super cheap. The bullets seem to be pretty solidly in there. The one thing that does bug me is that the bullet does not contract all the way into the tube when wound down. It's not as obnoxious as Wet 'n' Wild, but it's still irritating. The branding is clean and crisp, and showcases the bold colours of the line very well.

L-R: Goodness Graycious, Olly Olly Oxen Free, What Lies Beneath

Olly Olly Oxen Free is described as an oxblood berry and "Olly Olly Oxen Free is a versatile, medium oxblood with purple undertones." It's deep and sultry and easy to apply - at least while I still have the sharpness of the pointed top. I tend to wear my lipstick tubes at an angle, so we'll see. 

One coat on bare lips.

It fades pretty evenly. It's also muted enough to wear to work. Yessssss. A good oxblood is the cornerstone of a winter lipstick wardrobe, and while I'll probably stop wearing it so often in the next few weeks, I have loved it this winter. As you could probably tell from my continual featuring of it here without a review. 

Goodness Graycious is described as a grey brown neutral and "A slightly cool medium "greige" (gray with a smidge of brown)." It's definitely far heavier on the grey than the brown - just a dash of brown/purple to keep it from look too out there. It is an unusual colour but somehow surprisingly wearable, my refusal to wear it outside of the apartment notwithstanding.

It looks absolutely atrocious when it starts to fade because there is little to no way to make the grey blend in with your lip colour. 

One coat on bare lips.

But it is weirdly attractive. I dig it. I don't think it's such a terrible thing to have lost my heart to a grey lipstick that I mostly wear with pyjamas on Sunday mornings

What Lies Beneath is described as a dark blood red and "What Lies Beneath is a deep, dark red. Not unlike the color of dried blood, this shade leans slightly brown." This is my favourite lipstick as of late. It's just so striking. And when worn over lipbalm, which is how I typically wear them, it's a bit sheerer and still neutral enough for me to feel comfortable wearing it all the time. Which is how I've been wearing it.

One coat on bare lips.

It fades evenly and leaves a fairly natural looking stain on me. It does seem more glossy than the other two, though I'm not sure if that's because it's newer or what. 

Comparison of Olly Olly Oxen Free (bottom) and What Lies Beneath (top)

Limnit is one of my favourite lipstick brands now. It's so refreshing, honestly, to come across an indie makeup company that isn't yet another loose eyeshadow brand.


  1. I just came upon this post while looking up reviews for Limnit--I must have missed it back in April! I'm very tempted by Extraterrestrial, but the cheap-looking cases are a bit of a turnoff.

    1. Yeah, they're not great. I think they're similar to the ones that NYX uses? I haven't had any issues with them, but they are pretty cheap.

    2. They look identical to the NYX ones! Maybe a little wider. I hate the way the NYX matte lipsticks rattle around in their tubes, and I fear I'd have the same problem with Limnit.


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