Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thorough Lipstick Testing: Bésame Tango Red

I try to run all of the products I talk about on here through the ringer - or at least, a few standard wears - before talking about them. Bésame Tango Red 1930 was no exception - I planned to wear it a few times and write about it. Except I gave this one a much more thorough test than planned. I was off to Saskatoon last week for the wedding of two very dear friends, and I originally bought Tango Red to go with my dress. Which it did, perfectly.

It was my first time in Saskatoon (a very flat city. I know that the prairies are flat, but it's one thing to know and another to see. It was honestly a bit unsettling), and I was asked to be master of ceremonies for the wedding, so Tango Red got a workout for its last test: I wore it for fourteen hours total, drinking and eating and drinking and eating, talking, and chewing my lips anxiously. The guy at the hotel in charge of the reception kept asking me oddly specific questions that I had no idea how to answer, mostly because it wasn't my wedding. But all went off with a hitch, and at 2:30 in the morning after a snack of poutine with a few friends, old and new, I was still mostly wearing it. So spoiler: this is a long-lived lipstick.

Bésame has gained a following from being the featured makeup line on Agent Carter - and for being a brand that plays tribute to the history of makeup. Each lipstick shade is a remake of a previously popular shade. The aesthetic is delicate and old fashioned and girly. I like it.

I originally tried the Bésame formula via a packet of lipstick matches that Rae sent me - I've heard the formula differs a bit from the matches to the tubes, but I can't say I noticed any major differences between the two. I originally tried Red Velvet, but I didn't think it was the most flattering lipstick on me. I then turned to Bésame's other colours to see if there would be one that I liked better. I ended up choosing Tango Red, because I bought a dress with bright pinky reds in it to wear to the wedding, and it looked like it would go, based on my unscientific assessment of the colour swatch on Sephora's website. It matched perfectly.

The tube itself is less hefty than I expected. I really like the way that the bullet is cut - it lets you line your lips with the narrow edge and then you can use the flat sides to fill in the lips. I'm going to try to preserve this, because it works beautifully. The formula itself feels very classically lipsticky, but remains non-drying and a bit lighter than I expected. It wears fairly evenly and the longevity is amazing.

Bare lips

Tango Red

On the day of the wedding, I applied it sometime between 12:45 and 1PM. At the church, I drank a ton of water while helping set things up. After the ceremony, I drank some more and then we hit KFC (popcorn chicken and fries and some Coke, in case you cared). Then we headed back to the hotel, where I drank a beer, chewed my lips, and then fixed some smudges. This was probably around six o'clock. I did touch up the inside of my lips but probably didn't have to. Then I went to the reception where I: did loads of talking because I was the master of ceremonies, had a three course meal, had several drinks, and kissed various people's cheeks. Post reception (about 1:30AM), I went to eat poutine with friends, and I had a bottle of water. At about 2:30, I washed off my makeup, and my lipstick, while faded somewhat, was still mostly intact. 

Some iPhone selfies the day of th wedding. I used some shadows from Bare Minerals THe POsh Neutrals palette for my eyes.

Colour me impressed.

I do wish that Bésame had a wider range of lipstick shades, because I really only like Dusty Rose 1969, aside from Tango Red. I also find the pricing on Sephora Canada a bit odd - some of them are $22 and others are $27. For what reason, I don't know - they're all $22 (I'm assuming USD) on Bésame's website, and maybe Sephora Canada hasn't realized the discrepancy? Not that I want them to, but hey.

When you find a poutine-proof lipstick, you hold onto it.

My poutine didn't look as pretty as this  - this is my partner's breakfast poutine from the next morning. My waffles are in the top right corner.


  1. I've been meaning to try Bésame for so long! I love their aesthetic, too, and it's always nice to hear about a long-lasting lipstick that doesn't come in a drying liquid formula. And, wow, that is a PERFECT match for your dress.

    I think you're the first person I know who has been to Saskatoon (but then I don't know that many Canadians).

    1. I just realized, reading your comment, that I didn't actually put up the photos where you could see my dress that I wore to the wedding (fixed now) and the dress you see in these pictures is the one I wore to work today which also matches perfectly. Brilliant.

      Everyone we told that we were going to a wedding in Saskatoon was like "Really? Saskatoon?" including the cab driver who picked us up at the airport there. But I had beer brewed with saskatoon berries and it was delicious so probably worth it. And witnessing my old roommates get married.

  2. This colour looks smashing on you. Great pick!

    I was a little curious about Besame but the last thing I need is another lipstick. And not really interested if they're creeping towards $30.

    1. Thanks! I'm so pleased with it. It's such a fun, bright colour.

      Yeah, I'm not really sure about the pricing of the Besame lipsticks. It's like they were adjusting for Canadian dollars and then got bored halfway through.


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