Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Summer 2016: The Summer of the No-Buy

That's right. I said it.

I've been generally pretty remiss in sticking to my beauty resolutions (see how I never write the check-in posts that I swear I'm going to. I'm starting to think that I not only need a planner for work, but one to organize my leisure activities and chores) but the time has come to make a stand. As of yesterday, I am on a no-buy until September 3, 2016. This may seem like an arbitrary date, but that is the date that my partner and I are flying to Belgium. We'll be there for two weeks, and it is going to be glorious. We have a wedding to attend (yes, I attend a lot of weddings - I've been invited to five since September 2015. Three will/have been attended for sure) but other than that, we'll be travelling about, hopefully visiting some friends in neighbouring countries, and generally having a good time. My partner lived in Belgium for a year after high school, and this is the first time he's going back since then. He's very excited - and very excited to have us eat nothing but waffles and fries and drink all of the trappist beer. I can get behind that.

I want to be able to thoroughly enjoy myself while there, including shopping, so my no-buy is partially to save up some extra spending money in order to do so. The other part is to finally give myself the kick to break away from my unhealthy beauty buying habits. I've done a lot of work on this so far this year: my spending is down, I'm much more thoughtful about what I add to my collection, and I spend significantly less time trawling Reddit, reading the beauty subreddits. But I think I could use a true period of resetting, reflection, and practicing more mindful consumption when it comes to beauty. I'm halfway there, but need to step it up. And maybe a radical shock to my system will help me out. I've already been scaling down my beauty budget for over a year, so this step down to a no-buy won't be the shock that it might have been had I tried this even a couple of months ago. 

I also want to see if I can do it. I've always had low willpower - take a look in my pantry closet and count how many kinds of chips I have. I live by myself - and one of my overarching goals of the last few years has been to strengthen that muscle, and be more responsible. Don't eat all the cookies in one sitting. Commit to an exercise program, which I have been able to do. Practice my French daily (most of the time, I get this one down). Stop drinking pop, which is also on-again, off-again. Do laundry regularly (every Sunday, thankyouverymuch). You get the picture. I do well when I'm firm about doing something, and set myself a goal line. See Operation Learn to Drive 2016, which is currently underway after some scheduling hiccups with driving school. 

And finally, I have too much stuff. I will be most likely moving again in six months. I do not need to add to my material possessions, because then I have to pack them. If I learned anything from last fall, it's that I despise packing up all of my stuff, and I have plenty of things that I don't really need. Do they make me happy? Sure, but I don't want to give myself lots of extra things that I'll have to pack up. 

So from yesterday, June 6th to September 3rd, I will be on a beauty no-buy. This includes all makeup, nail polish, perfume, hair stuff, skincare, and bath. With the exception of reasonable replacements: for example, I'm getting to the bottom of my Laneige Water Bank Moisture Gel Cream. This is a moisturizer I like everything about except the price tag, but a jar does last me a good while. I also have no other face moisturizers lingering about, so this is a reason to replace. An unreasonable replacement would be buying a new tinted balm after finishing one, because I have loads of those kicking around and there's no tinted balm shade that is so mind-blowingly unique that I can't live without it for a few months.

I will, however, permit myself to use points/gifts cards/things that don't involve spending my own cash. Like if I'm at Shoppers and can pay for something with my Optimum points, then that's acceptable. You can't use them online, and frankly I have enough points to spend on something more impressive (start stocking Kindles again, Shoppers!) so this will be a very unlikely use, but I am accounting for it. I can also use my Sephora points to get points perks if there are any that interest me. If someone gives me a gift, that's acceptable. I can't participate in any exchanges. If I get around to selling any of my destash items still kicking about in the drawer of purgatory, then I have to keep that money in my Paypal and not touch it till September.

The first few weeks of this is going to be the easy part, as I have a few small orders coming in of summer stuff (Sixteen92 summer, Haus of Gloi summer, HelloWaffle/Sunsets and Seas hiatus/closing sale order). The blessing/curse of indies and online shopping is the wait between purchase and shippment date, and then waiting the journey from being dropped into the mailbox. 

I have programmed reminders into my phone to do some updates on how this no-buy is going, in the hopes that I actually adhere to them, once a month. Hold me accountable, blogosphere. In the meantime, I have plenty of things to blab about. There is no shortage on content for here.


  1. Good luck!! This sounds like a very sane and realistic plan. The longest I've done a no-buy is two months, but it got a lot easier as it went on (as anything involving will power does, I find).

    1. It's my hope that the things I bought just before will help when I feel the urge to buy something in the earlier days. I think having a tangible goal will help, too.

  2. All the best for your goals! I am also cutting back on purchasing. I have far too many beauty products. With the low Canadian dollar, increase in shipping charges, and my now having sensitive skin (I can only use scented hair products), this is more reason for me to cut back.

    I'm also in the process of learning how to drive.

    1. Learning to drive is a very anxiety-inducing process for me. :/ But it has to be done.


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