Monday, 1 August 2016

No-Buy Month #2: July

I am pleased to say that my no-buy has grown easier since the June report. Even with Canada Post not going on strike after a few weeks of mail uncertainty, I've not been tempted, or really even interested in buying any beauty products. I still have a small wishlist, but I've been putting things on it and then waiting to see how I feel about them later. I think I've also reached true perfume fatigue, because I feel exhausted thinking about trying new scents when I have so many in my collection (down to 57, though, after some weeding last week, and I've started to pass them on to more welcoming homes). I feel annoyed with limited editions now too, since there isn't enough time to get reviews and I don't want to be part of the crazy buy panic. Am I fully rehabbed, in the parlance of /r/MakeupRehab? I think there's still work to do, but all signs point to yes. 

But the wishlist still lingers. 


1. CoverFX Enhance Click Highlighter in Bubby or Celestial
Bubbly. Source:

I'm still dithering between colours. Bubbly is a "soft rosy peach shimmer" and Celestial is "pale glistening pearl." I've never really paid attention to Cover FX, despite it being readily available at Shoppers and Sephora. I must have passed their displays in both stores thousands of times, and never stopped to look. However, Cover FX has been really pushing their Custom Enhancer Drops, and while interesting, not really my thing. But it did spur me to look at their other items. And I'd like an easy, portable stick highlighter. The Cover FX one is $24 for 0.17oz, which is fairly reasonable too. I'm leaning toward Bubbly, but we'll see if it lasts on the wishlist till September.

2. Lush shampoo/conditioner bar

I've finally talked myself out of the Bumble and bumble shampoo and conditioner, thank goodness, and almost firmly committed to buying a bar of Lush's solid shampoo and a bar of the conditioner. I probably will pick these up in August, since they're not part of my no-buy - I need to make a decision very soon, because I have about two weeks left of my current shampoo and conditioner. I'm mainly trying to deicde what shampoo bar to get. Leaning toward Honey, I Washed My Hair, but I'm also drawn to Seanik. I'm set on the Big Conditioner bar, though I am a little miffed that it's now smaller.

3. Bite Squid Ink

I'm so drawn to this navy blue lipstick that I might even wear it outside. The more I think about it, the more I want it. 

4. NARS The Multiple in Portofino


For some reason, I've been obsessed with multitasking products. Maybe because it's summer and that's when makeup brands like to promote their multitasking makeup sticks as part of the "effortless summer makeup look," and I can be very susceptible to marketing. Possibly because I also have the misguided idea that it will cut down on the things I carry in my makeup bag while travelling (ha!). I've been looking at the NARS Multiples, but I'm not really crazy about any of the colours. Portofino is the one I like the most, described as a "shimmering coral." However, Bite recently announced that they're coming out with their own version, a Multistick, on August 19th, so potentially there will be colours I like more there. Portofino is standing in right now for the ideal multitasking product. 

As for the progress of my actual no-buy, I am pleased to say that I held strong again this month. I picked up a replacement Laneige Power Essential Toner for Combination to Oily Skin and nabbed a deluxe sample of Atelier Cologne Citron d'Erable, which was on my wishlist last month (review forthcoming). 

Having a deluxe sample has effectively nipped my desire for Citron d'Erable in the bud, because let's be real, I don't need more than 5ml of a perfume anyway. It's a lovely scent, but I definitely don't love it enough to pay $140 for a bottle. It's relieving, though there was the fear that I would love it. Probably my better sense would have prevailed, but it's easier to be safely on the side of not wanting. 

So that's it. I mighttttt end my no-buy a bit early, in order to get one or two things on my wishlist before I head off to Belgium, but first I need to decide what's going to happen after I get home from gallivanting about. I will probably allow myself to purchase a few things lingering on my wishlist and then return to a no-buy. Or set a very hard limit, budget-wise. I can't decide right now. I don't want to beat myself up for anything, but simply be more mindful.


  1. As a new devotee of navy lipstick, I'd encourage you to get Squid Ink when your no-buy ends! I think you'll find that navy is a surprisingly wearable lipstick color (admittedly, I have an unorthodox definition of "wearable"...). If it's a neutral for clothes, why shouldn't it be considered a neutral for lips?

    1. I'm almost most definitely going to get Squid Ink. Navy is such a beautiful colour.

      I was considering getting it before my trip, since I think I'm going to end my no-buy a little early and pick up the few things I feel like I want to bring with me, but since I'm going to meeting loads of adopted family of my partner, I might not bring the unconventional makeup with me.

  2. Ah, this reminds me of one of my first NARS purchases: The Multiple in Maui. It didn't work very well on lips but was an awesome cream blush.

    Congrats on staying strong through the no-buy. But I'd caution you that fall/winter is a particularly dangerous makeup season, because dramatic colours become so very enticing, and we need the extra perks to get us through a long Canadian winter. Good luck!

    1. I'm using my job hunt as inspiration to stay away from things, plus I'll be moving in December so the less I have to pack the better! Hopefully that, plus the usual cluster of birthdays before Christmas usually helps me out.


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