Friday, 14 October 2016

The Last Rays of Summer: New Lush Lip Products

Happy belated Thanksgiving, blogosphere! It was hard to go to work on Tuesday (possibly also because it's now pitch-black out when I get up in the morning) after a nice weekend of family and food. Not as much as some years, since my partner's mother broke her foot and we had to force her to sit down and not cook a big dinner, as she likes to do, but it was a nice weekend. The weather was beautiful and the leaves were in fine form.

But I was thinking of sunnier days, since I was coming to the end of my testing of the new Lush products I picked up in Maastricht last month. I don't normally shop in-store at Lush in Canada, for a few reasons: 

  1. I don't live near a Lush and haven't for most of my life.
  2. Lush employees are really pushy. Just let me browse in peace!
  3. The stores end up being so heavily fragranced due to all of the unwrapped bath goods that it gives me a headache.
But when I saw the Lush in Maastricht, I decided to duck in for a moment. We had just bought a waffle, so I had incentive to be in and out. And I was, but my partner apparently inhales waffles and thinks only to leave a bite for me. Actually a bite. I'm not bitter or anything. Anyway, no one bothered me and offered to put lotion on my hands, thank goodness, and it was a very warm day, so the door was open and I was not assaulted with a cloud of perfume. I tried a massage bar and some body lotions, before wandering over the lip product display, where they had a bunch of lip balms that weren't available in Canada at the time, and some lip tints that were also unavailable in Canada. 

When I got home, I found them all on Go figure.

Anyway, I picked up a Key Lime Pie lip balm, since my Haus of Gloi lip balm had fallen into sand the day before, and two lip tints: Strawberry Bombshell a bold, bright pink, and Sunkissed, a pinky nude shimmer. 

The Key Lime Pie balm smells like sweet lime, and warms easily to touch, so I don't feel like I'm digging my hand in the tin. I wish it was a tube, but beggars couldn't really be choosers, I suppose, and the lime scent is really good. It's moisturizing and of a thin consistency, so it wears well under other lip products.

There is some kind of glitter in the tin that's not really visible here. It doesn't show up on my lips, so it works. 

L-R: One swipe of Strawberry Bombshell, two swipes of Strawberry Bombshell, one swipe of Sunkissed, two swipes of Sunkissed

Of the two tints, I like the colour of Strawberry Bombshell the most, but I like the formula of Sunkissed better. I used to have a Lush lip tint that came in a tin and that was the worst because it turned my finger bright red every single time I wanted to wear it, so I was super excited to see the tubes.

Sunkissed is described as a "petal pink shimmer" and is scented with "cardamom, neroli, and lavender oils." It smells vaguely soapy, to be honest. It doesn't taste like anything and the scent dissipates quickly, so...whatever. I somewhat disagree with the colour description. It's more of a shimmery pink nude. It's actually the kind of colour I should hate: frosty, paler than my lips, and a nude. But I kind of really love it. I don't think it's flattering, more like it's just fun. It's quite pigmented, and builds up easily. Less of a tint and much more similar to the heavily pigmented indie balms I used to have so many of.

Sunkissed on bare lips.

The formula is really moisturizing and while it does have some slip, I haven't had any issue with it migrating while snacking at work. 

Strawberry Bombshell, on the other hand, is much stiffer and needs to warm up a bit before you can apply it for best glide (keeping in mind that I'm trying to avoid turning my heat on until November 1st, so it might be a little chilly in here. But I didn't notice a huge difference at my properly heated workplace). It's a true lip tint, offering a little bit of colour and looking more like a stain. It's very lightweight and not especially moisturizing, but not drying either.

Strawberry Bombshell on bare lips.

It's described as a "bold, purply fuschia," and is scented with "fresh strawberries and organic agave syrup." It's lightly fruity and I'd say it's more of a bright pink with a hint of berry. It is so pretty, though. I stumbled across it on the Lush UK site last spring and considered ordering it till I came to my senses and realized exactly how much shipping would be. I was very excited to find it in Maastricht.

I'm pretty happy with these things. As I am happy with the box of Girl Guide cookies I just cracked open. Thank goodness for fall.


  1. I think it's nice that Canada has its Thanksgiving before the weather goes entirely to shit. This time of year is so beautiful, I wish it had its own holiday here.

    I actually noticed those lip tints when I was in a Lush in NYC last week (no one pressured me to buy anything: has hell frozen over?). I swatched a plum-colored one that I can't seem to find on the website now, but the formula was a little too thick and shimmery for my taste. Strawberry Bombshell is beautiful, though!

    I wish Lush would revamp its line of liquid lipsticks and eyeliners in those awkward glass bottles. Some of the colors are beautiful, but the packaging looks so user-unfriendly.

    1. Lush is such a stressful store to shop in - I'd honestly rather pay shipping sometimes over going in person. Of course, I don't exactly have a choice right now.

      I'd love to try their makeup proper but those weird dropper bottles look some impractical that I probably won't till they change them.

      Thanksgiving in Canada is such a low-key affair. I love the comparative calmness. Eat some turkey, watch some TV, celebrate the harvest. No gifts, no weird decorations, no shopping frenzy, no horrible music. Even when I worked in a grocery store, it was still the better of the holidays.


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