Sunday, 11 December 2016

Arcana Clickbait and Witches Stumble Home After A Crazy Night Out

"Alison, did you buy any perfume that wasn't from Arcana this fall?" Actually, I did, but it isn't here yet (USPS decided it needed a nice trip to Taiwan - true story). But two of three perfume purchases were from Arcana, and this is number 2. I've prattled on at length about my love of Arcana plenty on here, and it shouldn't be a surprise that I tend to follow their releases a little more closely than others. When a mini release of more fall scents happened in mid-October, I honed in on Clickbait, and made an order for it. However, my order was delayed beyond the standard turnaround time by a couple of weeks (I suppose I could look through my e-mails, but I am tapped out on searching this week, so forget it) and as an apology, I got a free 5ml tucked into my order, Witches Stumble Home After a Crazy Night Out. I do love free things (see how I use coupon codes and redeem points at Sephora, and my devotion to the PC Plus program at Superstore and Optimum points at Shoppers Drug Mart) but unexpected free things are even nicer. 

Trying to be creative with taking yet more pictures of basically identical bottles. Not working.

Clickbait is described as "An unfortunate fact of modern life. Arcana's Yellow Cake accord with freshly popped popcorn, dramatic red raspberry, sweet strawberry, cream soda, pamplemousse, a hint of oudh, and plenty of hyperbole." This scent is probably something I'd associate more with summer, but it works now too. In the bottle, I get a lot of the yellow cake and popcorn, which is interesting. On another sniff from the bottle, I get a hint of cream soda and grapefruit. 

On my skin, I get a burst of grapefruit and raspberry. As it sinks into my skin, I get more of the popcorn, which is a salty kettle corn, like when you've freshly dumped it into a bowl, and a bit of cake, which mostly sits in the background and adds some weight to the scent. I know there's oudh in here too, but I don't pick up any at all. The dominant notes on my skin are the grapefruit, raspberry and cream soda. It's sweet and fruity, but the popcorn also lends some salt to tone it down. The popcorn note is the first one to dissipate noticeably, after about an hour. The scent then gets more fruit and cake, but predominantly the fruit. It fades pretty evenly after the popcorn disappears. The sillage is moderate on me, and it lasts about six hours on my skin.

Witches Stumble Home After a Crazy Night Out (henceforth to be known as Witches Stumble Home) is described as "Black vanilla with blonde tobacco, juniper-infused gin, champagne, green cognac absolute, wine grapes, and cassis." Let me say first that I am SO glad that I was sent this. This is actually my favourite of the two, and I can't believe I passed it over. In the bottle, it smells like champagne and juniper. My parents used to have a paoir of juniper bushes in front of our house, and it's probably one of the first scents I remember. It reminds me a little bit of Giggle Water - both green, fizzy scents, but Witches Stumble Home is a darker, colder weather green than Giggle Water. I feel like Witches Stumble Home is well-suited for winter (and it's pairing very nicely with the cold snap we're barely tolerating here.

On my skin, the most dominant note is the champagne and the juniper, but as it sinks into my skin, I get more vanilla and grapes and a hint of tobacco. This scent is a lot lighter than it sounds, and I think that's mainly due to the champagne. It gets a little darker and richer as it dries down, but the champagne bubbles keep it bright and fresh. After a couple of hours, it's mainly vanilla and tobacco, with grapes and cassis to sweeten it up and keep it light. The sillage is fairly high on this on me, and it lasts about ten hours on my skin.

This is probably one of my most successful purchases this year - and not just because I only paid for one bottle. I really like both of these scents, and they're both unique to my collection, which is not always a feat I've managed. 


  1. Witches also has the best name ever!

    God, how I love the PC and Optimum points. Few things in life beats free grocery and makeup.

    1. When PC Plus came out, I literally squealed. I have yet to get a PC Mastercard, but I am strongly considering it because then I will have all the points. My parents have one of the upper tier ones, where you get 30 points per dollar and they're getting free groceries all the time.


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