Saturday, 29 September 2018

Current Wishlist

With the winds of autumn comes the part of the year where people ask me for gift ideas and then give me Sephora gift cards. My birthday is in early November, and then a scant seven weeks later, Christmas shows up. My birthday also falls very close to the fall Sephora sale (if there is one this year - the surprise August sale may have borked my usual timeline; regardless, I'll probably get a Sephora gift card around my birthday). So this is also the time of year where I tend to lie in wait for these occasions, and carefully build a wishlist of things I might spend gift cards on.

A burnt orange lipstick

I have a few that are close to this, but what I'm really feeling for fall is a burnt orange lipstick. All of the current possibilities in my collection are too red - Bite Braised Maple is more red, and Besame Chocolate Kiss leans too brown, as well as lacking the brighter warmth of orange tones. I've never really been big on orange, but I've never actively avoided it either. And for some reason, I latched onto the idea of a burnt orange lipstick when I was thinking about what I might be wearing this fall.

There are a few possibilities I have in mind, like Marc Jacobs Rei of Light (which I think might be too red) or Buxom Covert Affair (may pull too brown). What I'm going to have to do is go on a good swatching session in Sephora sometime before November, and fortunately my work travels in October will bring me close to all four of the Maritime Sephoras.

Update: Since I wrote this, I went and swatched a bunch of burnt oranges at Sephora. It's going to be Buxom Covert Affair.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Diamond Milk

I love the original Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow - so much so that I convinced one of my neighbours in the next department at work to buy it. It's a great gloss and a great formula. So when I saw that Fenty had released another shade in this formula, I was immediately intrigued. However, I'm a little divided on this one. Diamond Milk is, well, milky. And I've not loved milky glosses in the past - they wash me out in a non-cool dead way. But I would absolutely love another shade in the Gloss Bomb formula. Just maybe not this shade. I'll have to swatch this one too, preferably a tester that hasn't been ravaged yet.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

After the wild year of skincare I've had, with the changes in my skin and already having a solid routine that works, should I really be looking at more skincare to try out? Especially when a lot of things I've tried this year ended up breaking me out. No, no I should not. And yet, when I saw that Glow Recipe had finally come to Sephora Canada, I popped this onto my wishlist. It's been raved about for so long and by so many people and the fact that I hate watermelon on most levels is apparently irrelevant. I may be easily swayed out of this one, especially since I don't need a sleeping pack or want one in my routine, but it's intriguing. And there is a mini, which makes more sense for something I want to try. But we'll see.

Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Colour in Golden Peach


I know, I know. An $80 powder and cream shadow duo. $80. Are you kidding me? There is no eyeshadow duo worth $80 in the entire world. However, I've heard nothing but raves for the cream eye colours, and solid reviews for the powder shadows. The peachy bronze powder shadow and rose gold cream shadow are things that I would wear, a lot, now that I've dipped my toes back into eyeshadow. This is definitely not something I would spend my own money on, but a gift card, were I to get would be a consideration.

Glossier Lash Slick


Since I already know I like this, this isn't a wishlist item so much as a repurchase. But I'm sticking it here because I really have no business buying mascara right now: I finally got my hands on this year's Sephora Favourites Lashstash, and am working my way through the five mini mascaras in there, so I can pick out my free one for the voucher that comes for a full size. Plus I picked up a few more minis in gifts with purchase and codes. I have a ton of mascara right now...but my heart calls to Lash Slick. I've been wearing mascara most days since 2004, guys. I've worn a lot of it. I've tried a lot of it. Lash Slick is the first mascara that I've genuinely loved. Admittedly, a lot of mascaras are decent enough for me, and there have been very few I've said were garbage and tossed. But there haven't been a ton of ones that stuck for more than one repurchase. I think Lash Slick may be the one. So I fully anticipate breaking down very soon and re-ordering it because none of the ones I've been cycling through get even close to my love for Lash Slick.

A new travel makeup bag

I said I was moderately okay with my current travel makeup bag setup in my last post, though I was interested in a new bag for my morning stuff. This was a little bit of a lie. I like to pack things in two different bags, one for things I use at night and one for morning stuff, but that's also a convention I practice because I've never really been satisfied with one makeup bag. So what I really want isn't a new morning bag, it's a new makeup bag, period. I always feel like I'm looking for the perfect travel toiletry bags. Always. I find one, I buy it, I use it for a while, and then its flaws become apparent or it falls apart or my needs change slightly and suddenly it doesn't fit all the things I need (side note: weirdly, my makeup never takes up the most room. It's always the contacts and glasses stuff. Ugh). The perfect makeup bag needs to be large enough to hold all of my stuff, but also not too bulky. Which is something of a paradox, but it's what I want. I want it to have sufficient pockets to hold smaller items (eye drops, makeup) and a separate zipped pocket for brushes. I want to not have to play too much product tetris to get it shut.

What I really need to do is to go examine a bunch of travel bags in person, check sizes and pockets and think about what I really need to bring with me and what's just nice to have, for most travel. But if you have any recommendations, seriously, let me know.

And that's it. Some of these things are probably going to appear here or on Instagram this fall/winter. We'll see what sticks (and how many gift cards I get).


  1. Yesss Covert Affair is one of my favourite lipsticks ever. It's the perfect burnt orange on me! It's so hard to photograph accurately, though. I've totally eyed those TF shadows, too, but luckily $80 is so far outside of what I can justify that I don't think I'll ever succumb.

    1. The TF shadows are definitely not something I'd spend my own money on, but if I had gift cards, probably - I like to be choosy with my gift cards and buy things I'll really enjoy or more spendy than I would.

      Buxom is so underrated, I think. I've swatched lots of other stuff and always been impressed, even if I didn't end up buying it.


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