Thursday, 31 January 2019

Eyeshadow for Lazy People

Once upon a time, I used to love eyeshadow. I loyally wore it every day. I bought and finished multiple drugstore quads, making questionable eye looks and never using primer because I didn't know what it was, nor was it a thing then. Later, I graduated to primer and liner and mid-range shadows and delved into indies. And in the summer of 2014, it came to a crashing halt. Normally, I stopped wearing shadow in the summer, because it was hot and I'd sweat it all off anyway (even with my new primer), but started again when the weather cooled. And...I never did in the fall of 2014. There are many factors that went into that: it was the rise of Instaglam and I wasn't super keen, I was in my last year of my MLIS and had started to panic about what I was going to do with the rest of my life (a worry I'd staved off a little by going to grad school), and I desperately needed sleep from whenever I could grab it. It was also just easier to keep not doing it.

Glossier Lidstar in Slip (my favourite liqiuid shadow!)

That has largely been my eyeshadow philosophy since: I love how it looks and the artistry, but I have zero interest (anymore) in hauling out palettes or pots, using primer, or even worse, having to regularly wash colour stained brushes. I've become lazy about it. I don't want it to be work. Sometimes I do like to sit down and create eye looks (rarely), but most of the time I think about eyeshadow, it's something I would like to do but something I'm not super willing to put the time into at that moment.

A little more unorthodox, and probably the height of complexity for a weekday eye look: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Paaarty on my lid, and Touch in Sol Metallist Liquid Eyeshadow in Titania in the inner corner.

Enter what I like to call eyeshadow for lazy people. I wear some form of eyeshadow a handful of times a month now, which is up from a low of 2-3 times a year. After getting rid of most of my powder eyeshadow over the past few years (though I do have a small palette of singles), I have settled on creams and liquids as the kind of shadow I'm most likely to wear. Why? Because creams and liquids come with doefoot applicators and/or can be picked up and blended with your fingers. Perfect. There was a thread on Reddit's r/muacjdiscussion that asked what a brush collection designed by you would look like, and my answer was "a bottle of hand soap and a powder brush." This is my current makeup philosophy. 

Glossier Lidstar in Moon

My criteria for a shadow these days, other than being a cream or liquid:
  • should be a duochrome. If not, should be shimmery. 
  • Must be blendable with my fingers.
  • Needs to be able to stand on its own. One and done, or I'm not playing.
That said, I do have some shadows in my collection presently that don't hit all of these, but have such lovely formulas and are otherwise fuss-free for me to use them. 

My current routine, when I do wear shadow:
  • Pick one shadow
  • Apply to lid
  • Blend out with finger if needed
  • Apply eyeliner
  • Finish with mascara
See, this is what I think is a more realistic option for me most days. I like colour, I want to wear it, but I also need to be able to do it in under 30 seconds. The tradeoff here is that most of my eye looks are more subtle, but I occasionally do a work-safe, slightly unexpected look but still maintaining my truly lazy self. See below: the unexpected inner corner highlight with a blue shift. 

Rituel du Fille Celestial Sphere Eye Soot in Pyxis

I don't think it's a coincidence that current makeup trends are starting to move toward lower maintenance looks, because I can't be the only beauty enthusiast who looked around and was like "Nah...this isn't going to work." This is also not a revolutionary use of eyeshadow - some of you are impressed/annoyed at how many words I've used so far to say that I like simple one shadow looks done with cream or liquid shadow. But certainly, I've been able to benefit from the current move toward lighter, dewier, easier makeup, since my preferred lazy eyeshadow aesthetic is now in vogue. There are so many great lid shades in the cream/liquid eyeshadow world right now. They don't need anything else. They shine on their own. 


  1. For the most part, I stopped doing intricate eyeshadow looks this summer. I still enjoy doing my makeup really nicely one in a while, but on a daily basis I just don't want to dedicate that much time to my eye makeup. I've been doing simple two-shadow looks with my Naked Basics or just using one-and-done liquid shadows. I think I'll probably get back into a phase where I spend more time on my makeup, but it's not a priority right now and eyeshadow is the first thing to be sacrificed when I'm rushing.

    The blue inner corner highlight is so fun! I've actually never thought to use my liquid eyeshadows on my inner corner, but I will experiment with that...

    1. Eyeshadow is where creativity can shine the most, but yeah, it's also the first thing to go. I like sleeping.

      I slapped it on as an experiment, and then I had to run out the door for work. I ended up really loving it that day! It's fun and unexpected and also not difficult. Perfect.


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