Hi, internet. Welcome to Collection Development, a beauty blog looking at a wide variety of beauty things, including reviews, commentary and some off-topic fun through a critical and sometimes snarky lens. I'm always tweaking what I do here, but mainly this is a place for me to prattle on about my latest beauty obsessions, and hopefully provide people with some helpful information and entertainment.

Until August of 2017, this blog went by the name of Scents and Sea Spray, since it started out as an indie perfume review blog. 

My name is Alison, and I'm a 27 year old health sciences librarian from Atlantic Canada. In addition to moonlighting as a blogger, I'm an amateur painter and a chocolate fiend. Other things I like include singing loudly and off-key in the shower, hiking, drinking copious amounts of iced tea, reading about Canadian constitutional politics, and swimming. 

I've been drawn to beauty since I was very, very young, but it's only in the last few years that I've started carving out a definitive beauty identity and set of preferences. This blog has documented much of that, and will continue to do so. Living rurally, I focus a lot these days on the challenges of finding any products - even common staples - and I try to bring my regional perspective and identity to a lot of my posts. Being a dyed-in-the-wool Maritimer, I always wished for beauty articles in magazines to acknowledge that not all of us lived in Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver. I can at least bring that to the internet.

Beauty Profile:
  • Skintone: fair, neutral leaning cool. Wears Missha Perfect Cover M BB Cream in #13 and MUFE Water Blend in R210.
  • Skin type: dehydrated/combo
  • Eye colour: blue-green
  • Hair: brown
  • Interests: lipstick, highlighter
  • Disinterests: eyehadow, bronzer, blush
  • Scent preferences: fruity, gourmand, atmospheric
  • Scent dislikes: rose, leather, honey, masculine-leaning scents


  1. As a fellow librarian beauty aficionado, I am horrifically jealous of your clever blog title. Collection development! Genius!

    1. The real joke is that I'm not even the collection development librarian for my system, though I do sit on the committee!


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