Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Blooddrop Spirit of Summer

Decant circles are addictive, even for daredevil blind buyers like me. Because sometimes, you want to try all the scents in a large collection and the company isn't offering samples. Decant circles to the rescue! I scooped these up through Ajevie's Circles, mostly because I was going to skip the Blooddrop summer release until I saw that there were some decant slots still open. Drat my impulse buy. 

I like Blooddrop, but the scents are hit and miss on me. When I like a scent, I tend to love it very strongly. But when I hate a scent, I hate it. A lot. Like find the dishsoap, I've got to scrub off a layer of my skin hate.

So these summer scents were kind of a surprise to me, because I have no real strong feelings about them. Since I have lots of very strong opinions, this has kind of taken me aback. They're all perfectly nice scents, some I'm more partial to than others. I'm just not excited about any of them. Have I reached perfume saturation? Must everything be strange and zany or otherwise apple-soaked in order for me to care? I don't think that's the case, but I do think that I'm getting pickier about perfume since I have so much of it, and am also trying to scale back beauty purchases, so a perfume had better be awesome if I'm shelling out for a bottle. 

Bare Shoulders

Delight in the easiness of light, revealing clothing and playful colors. Creamy candy notes lifted with a cheerful bouquet of citrus oils.

I was a little worried about "candy notes." What is candy? Cotton candy? Jelly beans? Marshmallows? I'm intimately familiar with a lot of candy, guys. I really like candy. In the vial, this smells a bit like lemon candy - like a sherbert lemon, which are delightful. One of my many cousins (when I tell stories about cousins, please keep in mind that I have 20 cousins altogether) and I were wandering the streets of downtown Sydney (Nova Scotia) several years ago, and stumbled across a candy store. They had a huge jar of sherbert lemons, and my cousin decided to get some, mostly because of Dumbledore. I don't think they made it back to the cottage.

On my skin, it becomes very familiar. It's definitely a candy scent, almost like sticking your nose into a bag of jelly beans (the cheap ones, not Jelly Belly), but with a slightly more lemony edge. They remind me of this candy that my neighbours used to have around in the spring, possibly an Easter candy, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is. It's very sweet and sugary, but not at all like cotton candy, thankfully. The sillage is low-moderate, and it lasted about five hours on my skin, fading to a creamy candy scent, kind of like those strawberry marshmallows with the red sugar coating.

Picnic At Giverny

Imagine picnicking in Monet’s garden, Giverny, in the middle of summer, on a white cotton blanket, only you and the person you love. It would be bursting with flowers and all sorts of life. The sun would be strong, but there would be a breeze, gently lifting the willows and making a soft brushing sound. The insects would be humming. The birds would be darting to and fro from their nests, feeding their fledglings. What a precious moment. And after you’ve lunched, you remove the strawberries and Veuve Cliquot from the basket. Chin! Chin!

In the vial, this smells sweet and creamy, with grass and fresh air. On my skin, it smells a lot like laundry. Like a really nice laundry soap, something with a name like "Garden Breezes" or something. It's nice, but that's what popped into my mind first. There is something in it that smells a bit like freshly laundered sheets. There's also something that reminds me of tuberose, though I'm not a hundred percent certain. I get a whisp of something sweet at the beginning, but it fades quickly. Overall, this scent doesn't morph much throughout wear: it's a delicate, clean floral scent. Nice enough, but it reads just little too much like a fancy laundry detergent or those fabric softener beads that are super strong. The sillage is on the higher end of moderate, and it lasted about seven hours on my skin.

The Waves that Sparkle

When the light hits the water just right and dances on the edges of the surf, magic happens. May you experience this. Seashell accord, coconut, green tea, lemongrass, and red mandarin.

In the vial, this smells like coconut and citrus. It's almost a sickly sweet scent, a little too intense for me. I decided to go with this one because of the seashell accord. In my experience, shells don't smell like much. Maybe a bit salty, maybe a bit like seaweed baking in the sun depending on where they are. However, I was never really able to figure out what the seashell accord was, other than something a little but salty to cut the sweetness of the citrus as it dried down. So I guess that fairly accurate. 

Once I put it on my skin, it got even sweeter and the sillage was very strong. It reminded me a bit of bug spray for some reason, but that dissipated after a short time. The combination of red mandarin, lemongrass and coconut was overwhelming to begin with, but was tempered by the green tea, which added a cool, refreshing note, and the dash of salt. It was still fairly sweet but less cloying. I liked this one, for all of its slightly unpleasant beginning. It ends up as a well balanced, creamy, fruity scent on me. But it's decidedly a coconut scent, and my partner is not a fan of coconut and I just don't feel strongly enough about this scent to make a thing out of wearing it. Alas.

When the Fireflies Glow, So Does My Heart

Fireflies are so ephemeral and, where I live now, they don’t stay for very long in the summer. I remember growing up in Connecticut, they would be out in the evenings for most of the summer. I specifically remember a field that throbbed with fireflies. It was probably the most magical thing I’ve seen in nature. My heart is so happy when I see fireflies. I bet yours is, too. Summer strawberries, sweet tangerine, dark patchouli, and warming ginger.

I didn't really take a good look at the notes until after this decant had already arrived, but upon trying this scent, and double checking the notes, this reminded me a bit of Arcana Jabberwocking. It's not as bright - the patchouli made this a darker scent on me, and the ginger isn't as prominent. In the vial, it smells like strawberries, a touch of orange, and patchouli, which made me a little leery. I don't like patchouli very much. Sadly, after an initial strawberry-orange-ginger burst, the patchouli becomes front and centre on me. It is sweetened up by the fruit, but overall I wasn't really interested in this scent. I think it would be a good scent for people on the fence about patchouli, though. It remains fairly linear after sinking into my skin, and has low-moderate sillage. It lasted about six hours on my skin.

I think Bare Shoulders is my favourite of this set (I cannot remember what that candy is. It's going to drive me crazy) though I also like The Waves that Sparkle, despite the first burst of something like bug spray. I don't think I'll be picking up any full bottles for now, though that may change. The names of these scents are very evocative - they remind me of clean white beaches in a touristy little summer town. I like my shores to be a little greyer, personally. Rough and ragged, lots of rocks. But sometimes a sandy beach is nice. I guess. 

Tourist season is starting to wear on me, guys. People are everywhere and they walk slow and ask for directions and then I have to confess that I'm directionally-challenged. I got lost in Jasper, Alberta. The village, not the park. So my slight resistance may be due to malaise with crowded boardwalks and the Harbour Hopper. 

You can check these out at Blooddrop's website.

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