Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My New Favourite Lipstick is Yellow: A Review of a Duo of Kae Q Besos

Finally, after spending way too much time blabbing about how much I love Kae Q's new sheer Besos, I'm going to post a review about them. 

In my quest to be the most boring beauty blogger ever (if this is a quest, it's a bad one, since I'm not making an effort to be this boring), I naturally gravitate to no-makeup makeup looks. Tinted balms are my best friends. I wear them far more than I wear my lipsticks. When I first tried the Besos, they were marketed as tinted balms...which didn't feel very accurate, since they were pretty opaque. I liked them, but they weren't quite what I expected. I remarked upon this, and the owner of Kae Q and I ended up having a chat about the packaging (switching to slimline tubes) and the new sheerer colours that she was planning on bringing out for summer. 

I was ready...and then ended up ordering only Rose Apple, because it was a sheer, pretty pink. Nothing out of the box. Classic me. BUT. June's Colour of the Month Beso was a sheer orange-yellow called Carambola (which is still available, so for once my tardiness is not a problem). I decided I was going to skip this because I have a strict no-weird-colours-because-I-won't-wear-them policy. And then I saw swatches. And then I asked for it to be added on to my order, which was very obligingly done. 

L-R: Rose Apple, Carambola

Rose Apple

Lovely, sheer coral-pink color.

L-R: One swipe, two swipes, three swipes.


June's Color of the Month! Infused with annatto from Possum Trot Farm.

Carambola is also known as Starfruit, because it has five points shaped like a star. They tend to range between a pale yellow and a brighter, yellow-orange. They can be tart or sweet! In either form, they are juicy and make the perfect snack for summertime.

Sheer lipstick in a yellow-orange shade.

L-R: One swipe, two swipes, three swipes

Both of these shades are pretty buildable. You can see that Rose Apple is a tiny bit more pigmented than Carambola. Both apply on the lips smoothly, and since it's summer, glide really well due to being a little warmer than usual. 

Bare lips for reference.

One coat of Rose Apple.

Tow coats of Rose Apple.

I don't really get the coral part of Rose Apple. It's a very nice brighter pink, and actually tends to oxidize to a pure bright pink later in the day. It's fairly moisturizing, not as much as the plain Mielos, but more so than the opaque shades.

One coat of Carambola.

Two coats of Carambola.

I love Carambola. I can't believe I almost didn't get it. I have not shut up about this damn colour for weeks. I've posted it on Instagram and swatched it for friends and worn it 2-3 times a week since it showed up here. I may have to order a back up tube. We'll see (I have never needed a backup of any lip colour, except Haus of Gloi Rosy Lipped. Could Carambola beat that? The fact that I'm even considering it should tell you how much I love this colour). It's so subtle. I love how it works with my natural lip pigmentation and how it means I can get away with wearing yellow lipstick to work. It's all about the small victories. 

These Besos mark a switch to new slimline tubes. The tubes have since been switched again, to the lip balm-style slimlines, similar to HelloWaffle's tubes for their tinted balms. These tubes allowed for better application, but the caps on mine cracked in my purse shortly after I got them (an issue which led to the latest switch). The caps seem to stay on fine for now, but I'm going to be considering some depotting in my future should the cracks get worse. 

There's also an issue which seems to happen to all lip products that have these slanted tops: the product slant falls out of line with the tube slant and then the tube slices into the product when it gets turned back down. Is there any tube in this style in the entire world that doesn't do this? I have reams of lip products that suffer from this. I love this style of tube, but every time I see the product scrape the side of the tube, I cringe. We have tiny pocket computers, but for some reason I have to sacrifice Clinique Black Honey every time I twist it back down. This is 2015, people. 

I did make another order for more Besos (Herbology, the August CoTM, and Caimito, another summer sheer) so hopefully, packaging-wise, the third time is a charm.

Kae Q's summer colours will be available till September, at which point a new season will be put up. You can check out the website here.


  1. I have honestly never experienced what you are talking about with slanted slimline tubes! Admittedly, my experience with them is limited since I've only finished 2 lip products with that packaging... I'm wondering though if this is because some products are right against the tube whereas some have a mold so it twists up without touching the sides? Basically the differences between Preen Cosmetics' latest packaging v. what they had when they opened up if you followed that... I've only swatched Clinique Black Honey and IIRC it isn't right against the tube though so perhaps this hypothesis doesn't completely work.

    Haha - I'm focusing on such a small detail, sorry! :P I really like Carambola on you - I wonder if Kae Q will come out with a grey-black for winter? I think that would be really lovely as a tinted balm, sort of like an edgier Black Honey.

    1. I've experienced it with things that were poured and moulded, so I'm not sure. Something about the slanted slimlines allows the product to twist out of line with the tube. And not a slimline, but Revlon's lip butters did the same thing to me too. Hmmm.

      I saw some sneak peeks of fall colours, and there seemed to be some colours in there that could fit the Black Honey style.

    2. I just saw a post from Jamie on post9to5 where she included this picture:

      Is that what happens to you too?

      And oooh, I'll have to look for the fall selection when they come out then.

    3. Not quite as bad, but the same general idea.


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