Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Trio of One Hand Washes the Other Solid Perfumes

I do have grand plans for some more interesting posts (and plans to write my seasonal perfume review post for summer, too) than just this string of reviews, but I'm trying to clear out my draft folder, which has had some of these for months. Once I let some of these go off into cyberspace and lighten my draft folder's load, I can then focus on some more creative pursuits. Not that I don't like writing about just perfumes, but I do like to try and tie them to something else, and I can't always do that. Sometime I've just run out of brilliant ways to tie a cake scent to my life. Other than my deep and undying love of cake.

When I first got into perfume, I loved One Hand Washes the Other's solids. I had several. But as I delved more into perfume collecting, and became a little more confident in my ability to manage a bottle of oil, I realized that while the twist-up tubes of these solid perfumes were perfect to use on the go, they weren't all that great for a perfume collector, because solids tend to lose potency over time, and I would have had to use them more often than I did in order to get the full use of them. That said, I picked these up in lieu of samples - I'm thinking I might like to keep some scents in my purse just in case, and OHWTO solids are a good price and not prone to melting. These three were purchased during a sale in the spring - I had my eye on all of these scents for a while, and finally pulled the tirgger when ordering a replacement National Treasure.

Mango Brulee

Nearly over-ripe mangoes, sliced and layered inside of a warm vanilla custard topped with a caramelized shell.

This one is my favourite of the three. It's wonderfully gourmand. In the tube, it smells like a creme brulee, with the sweet hard shell over the creamy vanilla custard. The mangoes add a bit of fruity interest. They're not super dominant - it's definitely heavier on the creme brulee. It doesn't morph on my skin, just a creme brulee with several mango slices. Like most OHWTO solids, the sillage is pretty low, and it lasts about four hours on my skin before needing a reapplication. I will probably upgrade to an oil at some point.

Silk Road

A heady floral-tea fragrance, heavy on the "green". Green Tea with tart Rosehips, Jasmine blossoms, and Silk, along with hints of Cucumber, Chamomile, and Kiwi.

This one is very heady indeed. In the tube, it smells like green tea and florals, as well as something tangy and fruity. On my skin it smells like green tea and roses and tangy fruit. I'm not a huge fan of the rose scent (surprise, surprise) so I'll probably be letting this one go. It is an elegant, refreshing scent, though. And the sillage is moderate. It lasted about five hours on my skin before needing a reapplication.


Inspired by the BEST Gatorade flavor of all time, Limon Pepino, this fragrance features Lime and Cucumber prominently. Rather than leave you smelling like a sports beverage, however, I have added light floral and musk notes to help ground the fragrance and elevate it to more of a "perfumey" scent than a delicious drink scent. Light, green, and perfect for Spring!

I cannot confirm or deny if Limon Pepino is the best Gatorade flavour, because I live in Canada and we don't have that flavour. I'm personally partial to Strawberry Kiwi. Are there dozens of Gatorade flavours I'm missing out on?? Whatever, I have ketchup chips. Anyway. This smells like cucumber and lime and something musky in the tube. On my skin, it smooths out a little and becomes a refreshing lime and cucumber scent, with just a hint of musk. I wouldn't mind smelling like a drink, but I do like the little bit of musk here. I'm not sure if I'll be getting an oil of this one, but I'll keep the solid around for a while.

You can check out OHWTO's Etsy here. Silk Road was a spring scent, so it may be sticking around in the sale section, but no guarantees. 

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