Thursday, 17 September 2015

Arcana Summer Constellations

I still have a few more summer days to finish up the summery things that I wanted to talk about - or the summery things that I wanted do. There's still a few days of patio weather, and a few days of sticking my feet into the sand and longing after ice cream (actually a year-round thing, because ice cream is better when it isn't in danger of melting). And so here are some reviews for the Arcana summer release, the Summer Constellations. And they should be still kicking around, even.


The bold dragon who stood sentry over Hera's golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides. Crisp apples, black amber resin, pineapple, black tea, and cognac absolute.

There are apples in this. But I don't like it. I fell prey to my apple loving soul, and ignored the fact that I don't really love black tea scents (finally, after all of this time, I admit that too) and that the words "black amber resin" strike fear into my soul. For shame, self. You know better. Anyway, I was hit with a little bit of regret upon sniffing this in the bottle, and after wearing it a few times, knew I wouldn't be keeping it. In the bottle, it smells of crisp, delicious apples, and something a little bit tangy and sweet (I'm guessing the pineapple). On my skin it darkens immediately, becoming an apple black tea. The resins lurk in this scent on me - they make sort of a masculine, dark amber cloud around me. Not a fan. It morphs to an apple-pineapple black tea on my skin after a couple of hours, adding a slightly sweeter edge to the black tea and amber. It remains this way for the rest of the wear. The sillage is moderate, and it lasted about ten hours on my skin.


This matchmaking dolphin convinced beautiful sea-nymph Amphitrite to marry Poseidon. Peach sorbet, sugared coconut milk, and a tiny drop of Key lime.

Delphinius is delicious. Fruity, creamy, feels much more summery than Draco did. In the bottle, it smells like sweet, cold peaches, creamy coconut, and bright Key lime. I'm not a huge Key lime fan - I don't really like eating them, but the scent here works pretty well. On my skin, the lime retreats a little, and this scent reminds me of peach yogurt. Seriously. A nice, tangy peach yogurt. I like peach yogurt quite a lot, and can't eat it anymore, so this phase where it smells almost exactly like peach yogurt tastes is wonderful. The lime makes it a bit sweeter than peach yogurt normally is. The yogurt stage smooths out to a coconut cream with a hint of peach after a few hours. The sillage starts off quite strong, but eases to a lower sillage after a couple of hours. It lasted about eight hours on my skin. I really, really like this one. It's a different sort of peach perfume than my many others, very cool and tangy.


The snake-handler holds the constellation Serpens in the night sky. Blackest vanilla, sweet cream, and patchouli wind around mandarin, tangerine, petitgrain, ginger, citron, and bright frankincense tears.

This one is a sample that I received with an order from Arcana's eBay store. Noon of Peachy Noon raved about it, so I was glad to have this opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. It's not something I would pick out for myself, though. In the vial, I get the patchouli and a bit of incense, as well as dark vanilla and orange. Something about it reminds me of oatmeal, though I'm hard pressed to tell you why. On my skin, it's a bright burst of citrus, with vanilla and cream. The darker elements are in the background, though as the scent dries down, they start to com forward. The ginger is the slyest note, peeking out from behind the citrus now and again. It gets spicier and a little heavier on the incense. This is so, so well-blended. It has bright and creamy and dark and spicy and incense-y elements and they all work really well together. This is not really my style, but I enjoyed the experience of wearing it - it's got a very high-end feel to it. The sillage on me was moderate, and it lasted about nine hours on my skin.

You can find Arcana at their eBay store, Pretty Indulgent, or The Rhinestone Housewife.

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  1. I'm glad you at least found Ophi a bit appealing haha! I wonder if the oatmeal is the petitgrain? I think Poison Candy has petitgrain too and I get oatmeal from that one myself. Delphinius is good though, my friend got a bottle and we all passed it around and ooh'd and aah'd about how delicious it was!


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