Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Seasonal reviews: summer

I've been dragging my heels on this one - it's not that I didn't want to do my summer installment of my seasonal reviews, but I didn't really want to dedicate time to it either. So here, at the very possible end of summer (okay, I wrote this on the last day of summer but didn't get around to posting it till the first day of fall), I've finally finished writing about them. 

I've mentioned it before over the season, but summer never really got off the ground. There was some false hope at the beginning of June, and a handful of sunny warm, truly summery days in July and August, but it was pretty much a bust. The warmest of summer days happened in the last couple of weeks, as thoughts have turned to fall. I'm not one to enjoy very high temperatures, so I'm glad that I managed to escape summer without too many blistering days, but at the same time, it wasn't really good beach weather and so I didn't get to swim very much at all.

All of this is a very roundabout way of saying that it took me a very long time to properly test these since strings of summer days didn't really show up till August.

A quick recap for those not familiar with what I'm doing: I took four scents tied with specific seasons and am reviewing them in each season, recording my thoughts in relation to the environment. 

The four scents are:
  • Solstice Scents Foxcroft (fall)
  • Arcana Arctic Bear (winter)
  • Haus of Gloi Maedwe (spring)
  • One Hand Washes the Other Dandelion Wine (summer)
All seasonal reviews can be found here.

Solstice Scents Foxcroft

Ozone, Rustling Leaves, Rich Black Soil, Chimney Smoke & Woods

In the bottle, this reminded me of tramping through the woods after the rain on a cloudy summer afternoon, rather than a fall day. And on my skin, it did seem to focus on the dirt, decaying leaves and dampness - not a lot of smoke during this summer wear. I did put it on during a very hot day, which always seems to effect the wear of my perfumes. It was a nice scent to cool down.

Arcana Arctic Bear

Cave in to shivery pleasures with this festively icy blend straight from the North Pole. A playful mix of aromatic Northern bayberry, frosted Siberian fir needle oil and the dry freshness of snowy woods. Hail the Great Arctic Bear!

While I still love Arctic Bear, it was still way too heavy for summer. The fir bayberries and general cool overtone were smothering. I love fir trees, but on hot summer days, fir and I need to be apart - they so often smell hot and tired, unlike in the winter, where they thrive in the cold smoky air. Not yet, Arctic Bear, not yet.

Haus of Gloi Maedwe

Pesky dandelions, red clover patches, creeping sweetpea blooms and the dense afternoon haze of blossoming fruit trees.

Maedwe was just a little too fresh and...dense for this season. It's interesting, since I typically do not consider Maedwe to be a heavy scent, but on the sunny, hot day I wore it, it turned into a heavy, heady scent, thick with flowers and fruit trees. It was warm and sticky. It still smelled as it always does, of course, but I think this is the one that was most affected by the season and how I felt at the time, to my surprise. Maedwe is not long for summer, it would appear.

OHWTO Dandelion Wine

Sweet green grass, Dandelions, Tobacco, a hint of Smoke, Atlas Cedarwood, Heliotrope, and a wee touch of Patchouli to ground it.

I think Dandelion Wine is the scent that holds up the best throughout different seasons for me. I've mentioned in the past that it reminds me of dandelions baking in the sun on summer afternoon, and specifically, it reminds me of the park across from my parents' house. It's unchanged, just sweet warm dandelion and wonderfully appropriate. 

Next up: fall. The last one for this series of seasonal scents. I think I'm going to try to do something similar, though expanded - it's still taking shape in my mind. Fall likely won't be as delayed as summer, since this fall is going to be a season of change for me.

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