Friday, 11 September 2015

Solitary Scrutiny: Shiro Nic Cage Dyeing Easter Eggs on a Sunny Green Spring Morning

Sadly, after last weekend's fun, I have nothing exciting planned. Maybe I'll sleep in. It's not supposed to be that nice out, so instead of going to the beach like I want to, perhaps I'll head to the market. Or maybe I'll take myself out for brunch. Who knows where the weekend will take me? 

Next weekend the Toronto Maple Leafs will be in town (or the next town; whatever, we're one big happy legal entity) for part of their training camp and my youngest brother and his girlfriend will be up to see them. so I look forward to that. 

But this weekend...maybe I'll schedule some time to eat some contraband dairy and suffer the consequences. I've been lusting after a decadent dessert at the fancy dessert place again...

This week, I decided to finally write about another makeup product. It, of course, is no longer available, but you could probably try and have it whipped up via Shiro's custom gloss service if you really wanted to. Nic Cage Dyeing Easter Eggs on a Sunny Green Spring Morning was a colour of the month sometime in the spring (probably April). I'm not crazy about the whole Nic Cage schtick, but hey, whatever. The colour of this one reminded me of the custom Shiro gloss I once had in Wildflowers, which was at the beginning of the whole custom gloss thing, and came in a pot. Since ordering from TKB Trading is an annoying, expensive process for us non-Americans, I ultimately ended up tossing it when it got to be far too annoying for me for me to use, rather than getting supplies to depot it. 

Top to bottom: three swipes, two swipes, one swipe

Pale cool pink with a pearlescent shift and soft blue glitter. About halfway between sheer and moderate opacity, may be built up fairly well. Flavored like sweet strawberry marshmallow peeps!

Bare lips.

One coat.

Two coats.

Easter Eggs (which it will now be called so I don't have to write out that godawful name) is pretty much like its description, though I disagree that it can be built up fairly well. It's a sheer pink with bright blue sparks in it - the pink is much cooler than Wildflowers, but on my lips it doesn't really matter that much. It smells like those sugared strawberry marshmallows taste. The scent is pretty strong at first, but fades quickly. The longevity of this gloss is about average, wearing about two hours. Since it's sheer, it doesn't look terrible or smear around when wearing - but it also doesn't leave a stain. It's a pretty comfortable, non-sticky gloss, like the rest of Shiro's glosses.

I think it would be best suited to layer over other lip colours, though I haven't tried it out. Layering products like that is often a level of effort above what I want to do, but I may give it a go with this one. 

Happy weekend! 

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