Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Time to Pack Up: Moving A Collection

I've been casually destashing for most of the year now, in a valiant attempt to prepare for the possible moment when I would move in my post-grad job hunt, and to maybe deal with the clutter in my tiny apartment. 

The moment has come.

I'm going to be moving back to New Brunswick in November to start a new job - I'm terribly excited, but it also means the temporary dissolution of our household, as my partner will be staying in Halifax. And my seventeen year old self is quietly disappointed, because she swore she would never go back to New Brunswick. But after six years away, I'm eating those words. 

After two and a half years in this apartment (the longest I've lived anywhere since I moved to Nova Scotia), it's time to pack up. I started going through all of my belongings, and while I don't have that much stuff, I still have a good amount to get rid of: old books, notes I never chucked, clothes that don't fit, knickknacks I never parted with, and beauty products. Backups, samples, things I was on the fence about...I must stop putting off the decisions. There's so much to do in the next month! 

Almost immediately after making the decision, I started yanking things out of my collection.  
Big life changes, as I've mentioned in the past, cause me to want to do drastic things. And this time, I'm channelling my energy into being actually productive. 

So I'll probably be linking my destash spreadsheet here soon (read: buy my stuff please), as well as trying to review bunches of samples so that I can chuck them in the pile too. 

If I don't love it enough to think about packing it, it's not coming. Marie Kondo would be proud.


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